Trivia: Visions Week 2

Lots of fun is going on upon reset! We are second week into patch, and here’s my quick streak of thoughts and experience.

  • Achievements incoming!




  • Vale Under Assault is in order when mantid attack on Saturday, and only N’Zoth kill will remain for quests achievement division :)
  • Btw, there are 3 exploration achievements I’ve missed: kill rares, pop tumors, kill every type of corrupted creatures.
  • New yellow questline in the Vale! Well, technically you travel in Kun Lai and deal with mogu armies with Chen and LiLi – this was fun! I guess on Saturday we get the last lore piece – about mantid swarm!
  • New world bosses are up! This week it’s mantid queen Shek’zara. They drop rings (most welcome) and helm/pants from Ny’alotha Normal recolor and ilvl.
  • Mobs started to drop profession items! Micromantica learned new Cooking recipes and how to Tailor 440 pants – surprisingly sensible ingredient requirements. I may even craft them.
  • Ruins of Guo Lai hold a serpent which may drop a scale to exchange for a mount at Rajani vendor. No rep requirements, but erm, there is a drop rate. I’m not sure I want another farm of the sorts (Rustfeather was a fail so far).
  • World/daily quests may not be that useless as it seemed. In the long run their reputation awards will matter. Also it’s a quick way to complete assaults: if you have a daily quest, you can go to the area and tag mobs with other players instead of destroying their health pools solo. Also essences reward is now 250, not 50!
  • Assaults take ~15-20 minutes, if you skip dailies. Yet I’d rather not skip them if I have time, the whole business is an extremely fun adventure.
  • Assault bosses may be a disaster to certain specs if you happen to pick at them solo.
  • Horrific Visions start making sense. I even managed to kill Thrall during test-drive quest with my windwalker monk! I’ll run them, it’s a fun and quick adventure.
  • But before I must drive all alts through the initiate questline. I don’t think I will do so by Ny’alotha LFR, although I will try. Spreadsheets are in order:


  • Raids incoming next week, and I’m in horror about lack of time! But then again, with major questline done we’ll get a perfect daily curve to do while in queues.
  • So far, so fun!

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