Warcraft III Reforged: Release Date


I’ve just got e-mail from Blizzard – aaaand the release date for the long anticipated Reforged is January 29, a month after deadline.

I am a bit sad, because this was the game I hoped to play during my long winter holidays, best time during lull before the next WoW patch. Now I’ll have to split myself between this and the very busy first months of the incoming patch. Raiding in LFR, an unknown amount of open world and Horrific Visions work with 14 alts will be brutal. Maybe I’ll save these campaigns for the next lull?

Blizzard apologizes for the delay in schedule, justifying it with standards of quality and unexpected problems popping up that they had to solve. They’re also offering refunds in case people want to. Naturally I’m not doing anything like that and patiently waiting for the final product. Quite understandable, and my frustration is actually minor and personal.

Well, I guess it’s transmog and cash from older raids for the New Year break :)

P.S. I’ll never stop to strongly advise playing Warcraft III campaigns for those who missed it. This is the game that actually shaped the universe where we’re all in, and its queue of events echoes even through BfA and into the Shadowlands. This is your best opportunity to play it!



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