Suns Out, Thoridals Out?


My first Sunwell set is complete! Funny enough, it was my rogue running the raid AND it was the druid set! The last remaining piece dropped when I decided to clear all the trash, even before the first boss Kalecgos.

Achievement is great, but we’ve got a lot of work to do here for the rest of the classes. One more unhappy mage run sent me to Wowhead, and look what I found there:


Sunmotes drop in abundance in the raid, that’s not the problem… But you actually have to get PRIEST drops and bring them to a transmuter outside. To get a MAGE outfit for 5 remaining items. Where’s a trace of logic in that?!

It’s no wonder that after dozens of runs I still carry only boots, wrists and belt – they come properly from mage tokens. Who would have known it’s not my bad luck, but some insane system of old? Not me.

Now I’ll double-check on loot tables for other classes :)


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