Visions of N’Zoth: Air Alert!


Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms skies are not safe anymore!

The deal is: gigantic air worms ‘from Beyond’ will crawl out of void breaches from Ny’alotha and slowly float around the zones. From time to time. If you happen to be close to them, you’ll get a nasty movement debuff and a breach into your health pool. If you try to contact them, they eat you alive.

Plan of action: don’t be AFK in the air, you’ll be fine.

I think it’s a fun design. Basically it’s airborne Fel Reavers which add up the excitement and keep you on alert. And they are really in the vein of patch lore.

And one thing to say for those who’ll be whining: “Blizzard wants to take the skies away from us, one way or another!”. Uhm… when was the last time you tried questing in western Dragonblight in Northrend? Fly into the snowy woods with an alt of ~60-80 and tell me how soon you’ll be pecked down to the ground. It’s not new, not even close, and air threats are there ever since flights themselves were introduced.

What I see in these worms now is a nice pinch of flavor to the ongoing events. Bring them on!

2 thoughts on “Visions of N’Zoth: Air Alert!

  1. Ha! I remember the Fel Reavers sneaking up on me even though the ground had been shaking for quite a while. Now I want to go to the Blade’s Edge area in BC because I seem to remember (bottom left on the map) some kind of attack on my flyer.
    I am A-Okay with being attacked while in flight when I plan on playing in short spurts — an hour dodging in Mechagon is quite fine and quite enough. If I were to be farming for three hours, I’d be highly annoyed!


    • Blade’s Edge has fel anti-air artillery in Legion invasion spots, and also 4 quest dragons on bottom left and north areas :)

      I ignore Mechagon’s flying units, cause I never stay in the area long enough to get 10 stacks, and they’re harmless otherwise, not engaging in proper combat. Mantas in Nazjatar though are a huge annoyance – yet you just have to learn and consider their nesting areas.

      Giant worms look more like Reavers – they seem to travel slowly, and we’ll just need to learn the distance. Don’t look like much bother to me.

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