Visions of N’Zoth Transmog: Open World = LFR

This is official: the equivalent of Benthic or other catch up gear in Visions of N’Zoth patch will double the LFR sets from Ny’alotha raid.





The sources to get this gear are presumed to be different rather than a usual vendor. I’m thinking drops, world quest rewards and what not. Technically you can get all the LFR transmogs from the open world – I’m not sure if it concerns weapons too.

I can see a couple of reasons why Blizzard did this.

First, it saves production resources – the ones they really need for Shadowlands, and 8.3. being a crumpled ‘failed’ expansion final patch. As we know, art is the most time-consuming of all development departments, so this seems logical.

Second, which brings more thoughts, is that Blizzard doesn’t want players to spend more time in LFR. This goes against MAU philosophy, but maybe they really want LFR to be a tourist mode? The type of raid where you can see the plot, complete the final lore quest, and be good without having to struggle with queues and toxic environment? This would be extremely thoughtful, but who knows? I think the reason could be explained only by developers and them only.

Either way, this will affect my gameplay drastically. I will not need a ton of transmog, even if weapons remain raid-only, and raising ilvl from 410/415 to LFR numbers of 430 is presumed to be possible via upgrades. This will save me tons of gold for tokens, and save me a lot of queue time.

This is good, because variety of options for achieving my personal goals. This is also not good, because the patch has a great chance to leave me without agenda by Spring, and what shall we do before Shadowlands?

I guess we’ll have to see.


3 thoughts on “Visions of N’Zoth Transmog: Open World = LFR

  1. Well, then, I might end up getting some of that gear after all. I’m not planning to try to LFR Ny’alotha — I think I’ll be too busy trying to collect the cloth (and maybe leather) sets from Uldir and Eternal Palace LFRs — but I do think I’ll at least check out the Void Assaults in Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms, which if I remember correctly from the Wowhead previews is where this stuff is supposed to drop.

    Those curvy pointed toe shoes on the leather set are kind of cute — maybe I’ll send my Tauren Druid to try to get them just so that my Night Elf Druid and my Blood Elf Rogue & Demon Hunter can wear them, lol!
    The shoes on the cloth set look kind of cute, too. And I could maybe do something with those finny shoulders that aren’t too overtly eyes-and-tentacles.


    • As I’ve learned the hard way, some ugly and quite unexpected model could be the only one to complete the new looks! So all available transmogs are a must to me.

      I absolutely love the plate armor, others are nice as well, although I’ll never put an eye on myself :)


      • True. I’m just now going back to Naxx10 for the Mage Tier shoulders, which I’d previously considered too ugly, because I thought of an outfit idea for which they might be just the thing. :P


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