Warcraft Anniversary: My Journey Through the Universe

Inspired by Kaylriene’s post, a number of facts about my Warcraft history is coming in :)

1. WoW is not the first Warcraft or even first Blizzard game I’ve played.

The Lost Vikings and Rock’n’Roll Racing on Sega Genesis brought many happy hours to me and my brother. I’ve become a fan of the universe when Warcraft II was current content, although I was mesmerized more with the cartoonish visuals and high fantasy setting rather than the story.


With Starcraft I’ve learnt to recognize and praise the company name (although Diablo games have always been a ‘meh’ to me), and Warcraft III has finally set me on a lore digging path and investing into the universe.

2. Boredom brought me into WoW.

It happened so that me and my friend went freelancing for half a year, receiving some very decent money for very little hours of monthly work, so I’ve suddenly had lots of free time to spare.


I’ve always thought that my weak PC and slow internet connection were not enough to play a modern online game, although I’ve heard of it. Once upon a time I visited my friend’s place and saw him running in the universe I loved so much since 90s (it was Deathknell, the starting location of the undead). I’ve decided I must at least try installing it, and lo and behold: I was actually able to play!

3. I’ve had only one break from WoW ever since I started playing.

And it was a forced break: I had to move out from the apartment where the gaming computer stayed, and my own laptop which moved with me just didn’t let me to play the game. Once I installed WoW there, everything was working very slow, a number of environment textures were grey and weird and what not.

I leveled my initiate toons at an English-language EU realm. The rogue, my first character, got to 60, got tired of Hellfire Peninsula’s red orcs giving me a hard time. Then I rolled a mage, and that’s when the nickname Micromantica was born. She got to level 76 and leveling in Zul’Drak, then came the forced break from the game.


Funny enough, when I tried to re-install the game a year later, everything worked just fine, and I traveled with this very laptop as far as throughout Pandaria!

I’ve returned during Cataclysm (April before Pandaria), this time to a Russian-language EU realm, and started anew. This time it’s been Micromantica the Frost Mage from the very beginning, and she’s my main until now. Before Pandaria she got the Loremaster of everything, leveled all Cataclysm activities and reputations, and even tried some proper raiding with a guild in Dragon Soul!

Oh, and what brought me back? The destruction of Loch Modan by Deathwing in the Cataclysm intro that I saw on YouTube!


4. It’s always been Gnomes!

Both of my initiate toons were gnomes without a second thought, my current main is a gnome, and gnomes are 1/3 of my whole 120 roster today.


5. My altoholism started during a Pandaria lull.

The extremely long patch 5.4. made me try many more classes, and all of them made it to Draenor – frantically acquiring raid gear before WoD release. Different races, different classes – it’s been a whole zoo :)


My first proper melee class was paladin, because I was afraid of smashing mobs face to face, and presumed I would at least have self-heals :)


By the beginning of Pandaria I had 4 toons: a gnome mage, a human warrior, a blood elf paladin and an orc hunter. I’ve finished Pandaria and went through Draenor with 10 toons. Enhanced it to 12 in Legion to cover all classes for stories and ended with 14 at level cap. Cut them to 6 during BfA beginning, now it’s 14 again.

I’ve always said that every character for me has always been a character with a background, like in a novel or a TV series, so I am free now to play with my roster as the their own personal story dictates.

6. Only two characters remain as created.

Micromantica the Frost Mage and Schlitzchen the Enhancement Shaman kept their personas from character creation screen. Other alts went through multiple races swaps, deletion and leveling substitutes again.



7. Legion made me master all 36 specs.

Well, not exactly master – I’m not confident, for example, in playing a bear druid, a discipline priest or a blood DK, but I’ve been able to successfully run at least a couple of LFR raid wings in each and every of the specs.


8. I’ve never been a guild player or an organized raider.

The reason is actually the same: it’s always been me and the magical world of Azeroth. And the less I contact with other players in the game itself – the better. I’ve never met a guild that shares my perception and sense of wonder from WoW world, so any guild chat would rather ruin my immersement.


Also I always found it vital to plan my own game activities without scheduling. So no, it’s not the place to make friends for me and socialize, although I made some good acquaintances in game-related social media :)

9. Not even once WoW has interfered with my real life.

I’ve always played a lot, game being one of my major hobbies, and yet I’ve never canceled or re-scheduled an IRL event because of gaming. My marriage is also a happy one, even if my wife doesn’t play any game at all. The balance can be and must be achieved!


Funny thing: even my social media are separated. I never post anything WoW-related in my VK, Facebook or Instagram profiles (because my friends and subscribers there couldn’t care less about WoW), while Twitter and this blog are for WoW-only posts and community.

10. WoW made me write this blog and meet all of you good people from all over the world!

It’s been my pleasure :) And pleasure it will be for the years to come!


One thought on “Warcraft Anniversary: My Journey Through the Universe

  1. Awesome to see your roots. Mine started with a gnome warlock in wrath. That same warlock is my main today!

    Ive got a small army of alts as well. And a good portion of them are gnomes hehe.


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