Zandalari Heritage Armor: Check!


Ding 110!

The Legion part was as quick as possible: a couple of Legion invasions, major questline of Val’sharah and Thicket dungeon for a huge quest XP bonus, and bonus quests throughout the zones. Having mining and herbalism as professions helped a lot – ~3k experience per node on the way, and profession quests pop up immediately which is basically a ~100-120k of free XP.

I’m glad beyond myself that I’m done with shadow priesting in the open world. It’s been a mere pain, and I’m not hopping in the spec anytime soon. Leveling and playing my major gnome priestess Jellica as Holy in Legion and BfA was simply a breeze and a pleasure (albeit a tiny bit slower than DPS class). But I can’t count how many times I died once my shadow Zandalari tried to level elsewhere but dungeons. I simply felt like – no, not like a glass cannon. A glass squirt gun – both super squishy and super useless.

This, and the thing that I’m not digging Zandalari as a race of my dreams made getting rid of the toon very easy. Obviously I visited Talanji for a pat on the head and the achievement, and took a selfie in my new outfit at the top of Dazar’Alor:

Zandalari Heritage Armor without Helmet:


Zandalari Heritage Armor with Helmet:


And zoom, he’s off to settle in the city harbor, become a fisherman and tell tales of the awful world outside of his home city :) He’s gone from my roster for good. No regrets, no remorse.

Now, we got a Kul Tiran druid somewhere at 82 and trying to save Hyjal from fire elementals…


One thought on “Zandalari Heritage Armor: Check!

  1. Congrats!
    I dabbled a little bit with Shadow in earlier expansions and had fun with it at very low levels — but then the lore and aesthetics of the spec got changed in ways I didn’t like, and I haven’t touched it since — except when I wanted to make dagger+off-hand outfts in Legion, and then I never actually *played* as Shadow. I’ve done all my leveling as Discipline, which is very slow and rather boring at times, but relatively robust for self-healing and not dying.

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