Chromie’s Anniversary Raids: An Unexpected Experience


Do you think this is a Lady Vashj encounter screenshot? You’re wrong. This is actually a 2-minute streaming footage from my yesterday’s experience.

That’s right, this is how my anniversary raids went yesterday :) I don’t know whom exactly to blame: my own internet connection (not likely tho), a flood of people to the realms for holiday events, three queues at once, or bugged implementation of the raid in general – or all of the reasons.

This is how it went. I get into the raid and see a boss at 50% health. Everything is dead frozen, I can’t move or cast, but apparently something else happens for other players, because they move on through the bosses. During the said screenshot my group mates were actually fighting the third boss, Archimonde, which was yelling out things in chat. I never saw him or even the second boss. I can’t quit the group or dungeon, I can’t do anything, even when the dungeon was over. My only option was closing the game the hard way, logging in back, and seeing my quest progress for completion of the wing done.

Long story short, I spent both Lich King and Outland parts having my cup of tea and enjoying a screenshot for 5 minutes before logging out and logging in. Only at Cataclysm part I had a chance to run around as it should be, listen to Chromie briefings and do some pew-pew :)

The tour idea was actually pretty great, judging by Cataclysm part that I saw. You get a glimpse of the encounter mechanics, but it’s not meant to bring you woes of learning tactics (more so that they are not in the dungeon journal, I checked that) or bringing the boss to zero from 50%. Exactly what Chromie says on the box: a timeline that is safe for you.

Yet, whatever the reason – was it just me or Blizzard or both – the raid experience was quite frustrating. I may repeat this on an alt during weekend to see all the Chromie briefings, but I’m not sure about that. Anyways, I’ve got an achievement and a mount, so I can cosplay the cinematic now:


4 thoughts on “Chromie’s Anniversary Raids: An Unexpected Experience

  1. I’d say quite the contrary: the only means to succed in anniversary raid is not to wipe to boss mechanics. You maybe need to do some token dps to the boss, heal tanks and dispel bad stuff, however if the entire raid wipes to some mechanic (very easy to do on Heigan and Lich King), you have to do the whole wing from the beginning.


    • Impossible to react to boss mechanics, though, when you are frozen in place while Blizzard’s servers try to cope. Or Doing when they fail. Our attempt to take part in this raid was an unmitigated disaster.

      We queued as a group. But just getting as far as handing in the breadcrumb quest and queuing for the event was itself a challenge. Two minutes foe Chrome even to appear, another two for her to react to any interaction. Group members DCing and pausing the queue. Teleporting to the instance failing, and people freezing in place as they teleport in. And more DCing, or being logged out. Getting logged out while logging in! It was a mess.

      Some of our community completed the event in the morning, and didn’t suffer these problems, but at evening prime time, it was unpleasant.


      • That’s what I thought, my own internet problems would just pop me out to login/disconnect screen.

        I did this in prime time on day 1, so this was obviously an issue. Apparently Blizzard did not expect so many people to come and ride their own Deathwing :)


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