Quick Impression Post on Blizzcon Opening Ceremony 2019

– Starcraft II – whatever “commander” thing means, not following.

– Diablo IV – amazing gore, I’d buy it for the campaign as I did with DIII. Not a fan or lore digger of Sanctuary, albeit it’s cool.

–  Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm – whatever.

– Overwatch – that’s what I should have felt from WoW cinematic: literal tears of awe, jaw dropped, desire to jump into the fray! I’ve heard the two most exciting words that could bring me back into the universe: STORY MISSIONS!!! Playing them. I love the world, and it shouldn’t be just PvP matches. PvE campaign is what me, a despiser of FPS, should have from the franchise.

Warcraft III Reforged: thanks for beta on Tuesday, but could you be more specific with release date? Anyhoo, it’s there before winter holidays, so I’m fine.

Finally, WoW. This is the worst trailer ever – sadly, in clue of the past expansion. It provokes more questions than answers, it’s nowhere specific, and finally, it’s an ultimate mindfuck that I despise so much. Worst of it, it does nothing to build a purpose or goal to defeat an enemy. It has a villain-building of Sylvanas, but we had more than that in BfA. Where we are? WHEN we are? What are we gonna do? What’s our enemy? How are we fighting it? No fucking clue. All is there in the manual (of a specific panel, we’ll see about that). Anyways, it did not left me excited or awed.

Naturally the new zones look as diverse as possible, and they look gorgeous. I’ve no doubt I would feel engaged, and most possibly have fun there. Also the gameplay itself maybe cool as it did within Legion (which I hated in most other aspects other than gameplay systems).

Yet, it’s a situation of a mindfuck: this is not the world I feel for, it’s something temporary, unreal, and well… it doesn’t MATTER.

My worst fears about Shadowlands leak are now confirmed: it’s an ethereal world, out of nowhere and that won’t be here to stay. I’m most worried how it will turn out. New is good, but hype is not here. As it should be.


One thought on “Quick Impression Post on Blizzcon Opening Ceremony 2019

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that felt underwhelmed with the wow cinematic. I watched it and the features overview and I couldnt believe it but I felt very meh about it all.

    Thankfully all the deep dive and other things have generated a lot of hype for me now.


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