So… What of the Blade?


As we already know, our final showdown in Battle for Azeroth will culminate in defeating N’Zoth itself, probably putting an end to the Old Gods’ corruption attempts once and for all. All the power we’ve accumulated, azerite and dragon perks, would be put to use in this final act.

Yet defeating an Old God and ending the faction bloodshed doesn’t answer the primary question: what of the sword?

Come think of it, it was the trigger of the whole expansion: planet bleeding titan blood, and the following arms race. Come think of it, situation didn’t get any better by now. Shamans, druids, Magni and MOTHER do not have any solution, and the sword keeps protruding from Silithus grounds, killing the titan soul and the planet.

I have a couple of ideas how it may unroll.

Idea 1: Resolution in BfA. Our necklace and titan machines will work as deus ex and destroy the sword, wrapping up the current arc and letting us play with Bolvar and Sylvanas from scratch in 9.0.

Idea 2: Death of the Titan. So, what if… the sword finally kills the titan soul? In that case, we receive a plot of cosmic proportions. Death theme will be bound to retrieving Azeroth herself from Shadowlands – the ultimate goal. And Sylvanas’ desire to master Death could mean much, much more than just grabbing control over Scourge from Bolvar’s hands…

I guess we’ll learn tomorrow!