Trivia: In the Loop

Hallow’s End appeared to be probably the best option to while away time before Blizzcon.

As I wrote before, I’m in a strange loop now. My toons never leave the Rustfeather mountain spot only to get their Headless Horseman and Rustfeather kills, then logout and pass the turn to another toon within the 20-minute periods. A sort of a wrestling tag team :)

Картинки по запросу rustfeather

Naturally this takes all my gaming time during weekdays – 13 Horseman tries and 8-13 Rustfeather kills daily. With no attention required to be paid for the screen, I’m catching up with multiple series’ seasons on my wife’s laptop next to mine. It’s somehow comforting and nice to be that mindless and have a rest from world quests, quests, raids, grinds and all other common activities. This is due to end the next week I guess, with the new patch ready to hit us. I only hope that Rustfeather’s wheel mount drops by that time to wrap up the patch 8.2.5., Horseman’s horse being one of the two holiday events and not actually necessary.

So, what are my plans for 8.3.5.?

First and foremost, this is allied races questlines – yes, prior to the main story. Mechagnome/Gnome lore is most anticipated on its own, and I’m immediately swapping the ex-goblin/now-blood elf warrior’s race for Vulpera.

Next, it’s seeing what Magni and Wrathion prepared for us. After all, this is time to battle N’Zoth!

Next, setting up with the new activities – invasions to Blossoms and Uldum and trying Horrific Visions. I need to figure out what to do there, and maybe pick toons for completing Horrific Visions once in full. If upgrading the cape will not be required for everybody, I think that I will pick my Hunter to do corrupted Stormwind, and my Demon Hunter to do corrupted Orgrimmar in full. Rumors are, lots of mobility is required, so these could be my best options.

Also I think it would be nice to keep several toons for Rustfeather duties :) Again, it depends on how much LFR-attunement work must be done in 8.3. content.

Busy days are looming on the horizon, and it’s nice to have a picnic before the storm.


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