8.2.5. Dragonflights and Heart of Azeroth Questline Recap

*spoiler alert

For those who are falling back on azerite power (and future generations), but still want to learn the story, here goes.

Currently the requirements are as follows:

  • Start – at any level of azerite necklace in 8.2.5, travel to Highmountain which immediately buffs your necklace to 35.
  • Level 55 – travel to Val’sharah and Emerald Dream
  • Level 57 – travel to Hyjal Mountain and its well of eternity
  • Level 60 – travel to Twilight Highlands and seek Wrathion
  • Level 65 – travel to Maelstrom (shaman class order hall)
  • Level 70 – travel to Nexus and see questline finale

The story so far is about M.O.T.H.E.R. and Magni seeking ways to empower the Heart of Azeroth. To do so, a plan is devised to seek the aid of dragon flights – or rather their scales still holding a shade of Titans’ powers.

It’s needed to say that trips to Hyjal and Maelstrom, while also entwined into necklace leveling, are not a part of dragon story by lore. The trips are quick and simple: you need to fill the bar by killing raging elementals and closing the azerite wounds, and kill a big guy in an effort to calm down elementals in the places of power. Now, to dragons.


On our first trip we meet with the Highmountain Tauren/uncorrupted Black Dragon Ebonhorn, famous from Highmountain story. We go deep into the mountain where we fought Dargrul in the dungeon, and persuade a stone giant to grant us the black dragon scale – by beating his ass ofc. The scenario requires healing several wounds as we do during world quests, and defeat a powerful stone giant.


The second trip takes us to Val’sharah where a daughter of deceased Ysera – Merithra – seeks our help to thwart the corruption of Emerald Dream. The scenario requires to clear a number of void manifestations, saving several green dragons on the way, and then fighting the void boss – a dangerous one if you forget about positioning and interrupts. Unlike stone giants, you’ll have to start anew if you die. Then all the green dragons will empower and give you their scale.


In Twilight Highlands, we aid Kalecgos and Alexstraza to save red dragons from a brutal attack by void dragons. Fill the bar by killing corrupted dragonkin, save a few reds from corruption, and engage in a fight with their leader Vexiona – a would-be boss of Ny’alotha, dodging her attacks and bringing her down for 10% or so. She leaves, and Alexstraza grants you both the red scale and a trip back to Heart Chamer, unlike other flights.


This time N’Zoth’s influence reached Ebonhorn right in the Heart Chamber. With Ebonhorn isolated by MOTHER, we follow the route throughout Pandaria, Blackrock Mountain and finally Karazhan catacombs, following a trail of Wrathion’s notes and his agents killed by N’Zoth cult. Wrathion never appears in person, but he leaves us a concoction of his own making to save Ebonhorn’s mind.


Kalecgos doesn’t have a scenario, and we just need to get to Nexus top on our own and claim their gift – the scale of blue dragonflight as a reward for our efforts.



Representatives of all dragonflights in the Heart Chamber (Kalecgos, Ebonhorn, Alexstraza, Merithra and Chromie) stand in circle and empower the necklace once again. You get a speech from Magni, and your quest is over.


Now, we’re ready to go and fight N’Zoth!



It is amusing that Chromie didn’t offer her own questline, but she’s there to empower the necklace. She says that for once she’s arrived early :)


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