Trivia: Milestones

Several milestones achieved yesterday and today, so here’s a quick recap.

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The final drops of azerite felt like a Christmas Eve, I’m not kidding!


It’s funny how the last drop came from T’zane the world boss. Normally you hope for a gear drop when using token, but this time I wanted that 750 azerite! And it went as planned.


Micromantica is over with azerite grind! I’ve made the last 16k yesterday, three Exalted bonus chests helped a lot. She’s got the final piece of 8.2. lore and is now ready for the next.

Now she’s parked in Mechagon’s Rustfeather spot with other characters. There’s a bee mount grind of course, but I’ll wait until weekend with that.

Melaris, in her warfront and Exalted supplies endeavor went up for 45 tokens, and is now at 623/750! I think I won’t manage to get them before the next patch if it drops the week right after Blizzcon, yet I’m determined to do everything possible. No faction incursions would be shunned anymore.

My spreadsheet now looks like that:


I’m marking Horseman and Rustfeather kills everyday, Horseman a priority. Btw, my leveling alts also participate because it’s a quick way to get a chunk of XP.

Exalted in Nazjatar hopefully could be covered by 8.3., but if some alt will meet the new patch with 4-10k to go, it will be dropped for good.

Finally, there was quite an unexpected drop while Melaris made her daily warfront round. Most excited as it came from a world quest, not a specific kill:


I was killing Agatha/Blackpaw when I was around just in case, but never farmed it on purpose with alts or smth. Actually all mounts from warfronts came naturally: what do you know, if you just play there, it will pay off :) It’s the last but one warfronts mount, yet let someone else go catch that frightened kodo. Or maybe it will just arrive naturally too?


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