Almost Done!

Three toons went after Gorgonzola’s agility stuff this week. Three toons tossed an extra token. And on the sixth try it finally dropped!

All expansion raid transmogs so far are now officially closed:


Very little things left to be done. My spreadsheet today is quite small and looks like this:


Current agenda:

Micromantica’s personal project is leveling neckalce. 68/70 azerite necklace level now. The speed is very good, I’m chipping away the remaining scales at a rapid pace. I’m doing azerite mission table quests, daily emissaries, and every available azerite world quest every day.

Melaris is 537/750 Honorbound tokens for the mount. 5 tokens for warfront world quests every day, 15 tokens for warfront scenario, and 20 for Exalted Honorbound 10k. Normally I’m too lazy to run incursions :) If they also gave 1 token per incursion quest, not just 5 for completion, I would do them more eagerly.

Twilight is Twilight Highlands’ red dragon/Kalecgos questline. Requires level 60 on azerite necklace, and I’m one evening away from its completion.

Nazjatar Exalted advances only through Waveblade/Ankoan emissaries, so there’s no rush. There are no practical reasons, I just want to mark current toons’ participation in the current events in their reputation history.

Btw, I’ve stationed all my free toons to Rustfeather spot, and trying to make at least a couple of kills every day. Respawn is not an hour – I have a 20 minute confirmed gap between kills. Not sure if it works every time.

Hopefully I could close up my spreadsheet by Blizzcon and 8.3. Raiding PTR has already started, so I have a strong suspicion that the patch may pop up in the next week after Blizzcon. Gotta be ready!


Bee Mount Fun

I never had a chance to grind it on purpose, but I’m trying to complete at least 1 event and 1 Honey Smasher kill every day, with all deposits I could find on the way.

The best way of obtaining the mount I figured out would be to buy jellies from AH until Revered and getting goggles. That’s when farming becomes quick and possible: they have an hour cooldown, but they also work for an hour, so you can constantly see the jelly deposits on the map. In 15 minutes with goggles I’ve collected 42 thin jellies, 6 rich jellies and 2 royal jellies from nodes.

Of course you could buy jellies all the way to Exalted, but it will make a breach in your pocket. I’ve spent around 150k to Revered, which is a lot to me. So I suggest you only get goggles, and then farm the rest with ease. Also, when you get the mount, you may farm more jellies for sell, and thus replenish your cash spent! 8 thin jellies = 1 royal jelly, and it’s around 800 gold on my realm. Currently it looks as a gold mine!

I’m now 7k Revered, and have a level 2 bee. Hopefully the third bee iteration is also the last one – it would go well with reputation. Is it?

P.S. I seriously thinking of making my blood elf warrior a vulpera. Have to get a look at the race live. Blood elf doesn’t feel too well.

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