8.3.: Visions of N’Zoth Announced!

That was a completely unexpected patch announcement from Ion Hazzikostas and Blizzard team yesterday, followed up by immediate PTR and a TON of datamined content! My bet was revealing 8.3. at Blizzcon, but oh well. It gives a little bit of hope though that Visions of N’Zoth may go live right AFTER the Blizzcon, or a week or two later? Raid is still due after winter holidays.


Everything goes as I predicted, N’Zoth is the ultimate enemy, and he is actively trying to find ways to corrupt Azeroth. He is trying to do so via Titan machines, hidden in Pandaria and Uldum, so that’s where we’ll be endgame-questing. As predicted, Sylvanas is nowhere to be seen and is saved for the new expansion. Dragons will be there, actively helping us.

The most interesting take on the Black Empire: it’s not a place. It’s our world consumed by madness – well, pretty obvious, but somehow this didn’t click before. Azeroth population is not meant to be wiped and replaced by aqir and other minions – WE ALL are meant to be minions, WE ALL are meant to be the Black Empire!

It is cool that Blizzard will give us an option to observe the Black Empire in action – a new scenario will lead us to “corrupted” Orgrimmar/Stormwind. I always like when we get a glimpse how villain plans turn out, before we defeat them – not just come and kill them in their lairs.

Obviously we visit Ny’alotha, albeit it’s not a new zone, but in a raid. I’m intrigued to see how we get there. Ny’alotha is actually not a specific place somewhere else, like continent, it’s located right in our world, only veiled!

The boss range is awesome: corrupted powerful beings, like Ra-Den and Wrathion (!), tortured Azshara (much like Grommash in HFC), a number of generals, including Il’gynoth, and finally N’Zoth himself, dealt with through several encounters, not one! First time we fight not a visible pimple of an Old God, but the whole bulk of it. Transmogs are a feast for warlocks and shadow priests – every weapon and set has eyes and tentacles in them, we’ve seen this before only during Mists. Octopus/Cthulhu theme will be covered more than enough, if you’re into it.


Uldum to quest there – this is our primary endgame. World quests and everything. It will always be under siege from the Old God’s minions. In addition, other zones will be corrupted from time to time, whether on a 6-hour basis like invasions, or daily/weekly basis. Vale of Eternal Blossoms was announced so far – btw, it will be restored to its original state!

Azerite necklace gets several more levels, circle interface is the same.

New legendary cape development as a side progression – this would serve the purpose to ease Horrific Visions scenario, much like we saw in Chromie Death in Legion. The idea is to resist N’Zoth’s whispers to progress, so upgrading cape will help you with that.

Horrific Visions themselves suit for 1-5 players, with no preference to dungeon role, size of group or whatever. It is cool that they can be played solo – which I’m gonna do. I hope they are not excruciatingly hard, Mage Tower mentioned in the preview.

Auction house is gonna get an update and try to solve the problem of single-stack streaks. As far as I’ve got it, people may buy a part of your stack, or make a purchase from several players at once. We’ll see how this works.

Things I don’t really care about:

  • Titanforged system is gone, there will be something new;
  • New PvP season;
  • New corrupted Mythic dungeon mode;
  • Heroic mode for Darkshore.


Finally, the new allied races. Mechagnomes are a small wonder, it was settled. The Horde will get vulpera.

Now that wasn’t certain: both vulpera and kelpfin had advances and events to join the Horde. I think vulpera are a better option: kelpfin, albeit being interesting and lovable guys during questing, are even uglier and weirder than goblins to be playable a lot.

Vulpera are a lot nicer and pose an equal match to mechagnomes in popularity. An exploring, scavenger race stands somewhat unique in the range of Horde’s current races, so it’s cool to have them around. Maybe I’ll swap to vulpera someday? 

Vulpera can be:

  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warlock
  • Warrior

For me, it’s scavenger type, so if I played one, it would be warrior, hunter or rogue.

Mechagnomes can be:

  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Warlock
  • Warrior

As much as I appreciate mechagnome idea to be available to players, I don’t think I’ll play one myself.

Worgen and goblins will get their heritage armors:

Worgen are simply a blast, but I’m not so excited about goblins :) This red is largely associated with orcs and the Horde rather than with them. Goblins are about green and golden hues imo.


So far my hype is beyond limits. The patch looks quite full on enjoyable content, it takes the story in a predicted, logical and awesome direction, and the timing of announcement drives both 8.3. and 9.0. closer than we thought!

17 thoughts on “8.3.: Visions of N’Zoth Announced!

  1. I briefly glanced at Twitter yesterday before I started unfollowing and blocking the WoWhead and Blizzard Watch. I get that it’s their business, they get paid by the clicks, but the data mining was out of control.

    What stood out to me as I looked at Blizzards report? Shadowpriest get a 25% reduction in many damage dealing abilities. Just when I was starting to feel at least a tiny bit good about myself as a player and being able to hold my own. On top of that getting a patch error on Classic that resulted in 15 minutes of searching the error code, checking BlizzardCS on Twitter, then almost a half hour doing a scan repair left me in a funk. Getting killed several times with near 5 minute run backs only to have to wait on a 5-7 minute respawn? Yeah, I was not a Blizzard fan yesterday.

    The new content? Sounds great on paper. And I am very skeptical about what excitement it will give me. I guess we will find out soon. I’m thinking before the end of the year possibly. Call it a bunch.

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    • The new content sure looks creepy and will batter on our sanity, something we doubt everyday. I hope that the flavor or talents have things tied to our racials or class; something like that we can call on the Light or Elune to keep us clean.


      • I was tired of the whole Insanity thing shortly after they implemented it. Hate it as a resource for my character, loath the “Must Take” talent choices that revolve around it. I will not be playing much of 8.3 except to log in for appearances and maybe a world boss on Darkshore every 2 weeks.

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        • Yes, not a fan of the mechanic. Intense timers are what I hate in any game – there’s one titan essence in our necklace that works very much alike, and I never pick it.

          It’s fine during dungeon leveling though, I forget about it on cleaning trash and have my moment with it on bosses.

          I hope priest community is vocal with their insanity hate on forums, only then we can hope for it to be removed someday :)

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        • Priest community is a ghost town on WoW’s forums, unless you are a part of their Discord group. It’s been run by a bunch of top players for years. Very much an Elitist Jerks kind of community. Years ago there were a handful of people that understood the theory and tried to explain things in a simpler manner. But they also grasped that not everyone can play at the top level of skill, so looked for ways to get you to maybe 80% of potential. Sadly they are all gone, have been for years.


    • Someone at the forums wrote “About time” considering shadow priest nerf. It’s all personal, I don’t feel like I’m OP as an elemental shaman, but they top the recounts, and people also think it’s not fair.

      i like that Blizzard is trying to invent new progress/gameplay systems. I didn’t beat 1 (one) mage tower ever on any of 36 specs. I don’t think Ion referred to it in terms of challenge – more like a solo/small group gameplay option. We’ll have a cape to level and to help us progress further, so the intention here is making us becoming stronger and eventually coping with it, not trying a couple of times and giving up. I’d say Chromie would be a better reference.

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        • Chromie was cursed by timer and random. I’ve got her reputation achievement, but I didn’t manage to make it even once to the end. Hopefully this is not the case in Visions.

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    • I absolutely love recycling of the old zones. Point is, I wish the invasions vanished once you progress into the next expansion. They would still be available if you want to quest with a leveling friend and accepted in a group, or via a bronze dragon.

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  2. I read the walkthroughs of the Worgen and Goblin Heritage Armor quests. Loved the Worgen one; the questline and the armor almost make me want to boost my Worgen to 110, then get to work on leveling her to 120. Not so keen on the Goblin stuff, though.

    I’ll be rolling up a Vulpera as soon as I can (a Mage, of course), though I probably won’t get any farther than Orgrimmar any time soon.

    I’ll probably do the Old God Assaults in Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms at least once. The other N’Zoth attack content, probably not. So far, the only raid gear I’ve really liked out of this expansion has been the Uldir sets and the Opulence crown & a few of the weapons from Dazar’alor. The Eternal Palace sets are decently pretty but not quite “must have” for me, and the Dazar’alor and Ny’alotha sets are right out.

    I’m interested to see the story advancements (Tyrande, Forsaken leadership, Horde leadership, dragonflights) by playing them — trying to avoid spoiling myself about them for now.


  3. This patch has me more reinvested in the game than I have felt for most of the expansion. I love gnomes. And I am so happy we are getting mechagnomes as an allied race, even though I preferred the real mechagnomes rather than the omes from mechagon. Though questing on that island has made them grow on me.

    I find it interesting that you say the vulpera can only match the mechagnomes. I agree with you. But from what I see online, a large chunk of people hate mechagnomes and think alliance getting trash and love the vulpera.

    They kept saying the vision is supposed to be like the mage tower. But we arent supposed to be able to clear it until we level up things and talents on it. It sounded a lot more influenced by thr chromie scenario than the mage tower to me. We will see.

    I find it weird that the titan facilities they are assaulting are uldum and vale. Rather than uldum and ulduar. But thats ok. Maybe they’ll add more for all the titan facilities eventually to assault over the patch.

    Either way I’m happy to be getting new short races and will definitely be leveling them come 8.3!

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    • Ulduar is not in an open world, and corruption card has already been played there – if we talk about gameplay. Besides, there is a strong presence of Ulduar keepers there who would unlikely fall under Old Gods corruption one more time. Back then, it required elaborate Loken’s work and Thorim’s drama.

      I’ve read the opposite about vulpera/mechagnomes. Mechagnomes were considered the coolest race ever, and vulpera were referred as “we don’t need furries in Orgrimmar”. Also there was a rant that we don’t get to ride alpacas :) Well, vulpera’s Exalted and NPC riding mount is hyena, while alpacas drag their caravans, so that’s a miss opinion.


      • Yea I understand gameplay wise. It would be hard to do assaults on places like ulduar and uldaman and uldir. I do hope they find ways to incorporate stuff like that since it seems to be nzoth focusing on titan places. But if not that’s alright, I’ll give it a try nonmatter what.

        Well. I browse reddit, perhaps I shouldn’t for my mental sanity haha. And on there the hate for “trash gnomes” is palpable. I for one love them now. I will be leveling both a vulpera and a mechagnome.

        I do wish they gave us the alpaca as a mount and not a hyena. Or gave us the caravan pulled by a pack of alpacas as a multiperson mount. Sad missed opportunity there. Also for mechagnomes. It would be nice if they gave us customization options to only include one leg or one arm as mechanized and mix and match. Like maybe I only want 1 mech arm and 2 mech legs, etc. Thats another missed opportunity for me.

        But besides those, I am ecstatic for these new races!


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