It’s a Monk!

First thing in the morning Micromantica, already parked in embassy, completed the Kul Tiran storyline, and here they are – the lovable fatties :)

I’ve immediately created four trial characters with random silly names – a monk, a druid, a rogue and a hunter. The routine was to play through class introduction scenario, switch between specs and also see the possible transmogs just in case.

Druid went off very quickly – I realised I’m not a current Balance fan, and there’s no option I pick a shapeshifting spec. The druid forms are amazing though, and I can’t wait to see them in game fighting alongside me.

Rogue was crossed out as well. Outlaw is certainly flashy and light-speed, but I’m not fond of its rotation and idea. And as much as I like Assassination with all its poisons, it requires some insane amounts of haste not to feel like a tea-time. I’ve recalled how replacing a single haste item to crit or mastery or whatever turned an assassin into a turtle-speed, so I pass.

Hunter – in Survival – has just stunning animations and vibe. Problem is, it feels awesome in earlier levels, but in the endgame you feel like there’s too much going on: you are overwhelmed with stuff coming off cooldowns, so it’s a piano play. Changing talents to calm down rotation didn’t help much. Otherwise, it’s an awesome spec and class for a Kul Tiran – I may even consider another alt later :)

Monk – I’ve cringed at the thought of having to play the scenario as a Kul Tiran Windwalker… but it appeared to be the coolest option ever! You’d never believe that a Kul Tiran could be so plastic and agile. It’s just awesome – and the most awesome thing is, while I’m planning to make her a tanking character, I could switch to Windwalker to speed leveling or questing and feel GREAT about it.

So yes, here she is – my new toon in her Vanilla level 20 outfit :)


The awkward thing is the race size and forms of course. You may find it hard to pick the right face and transmog at a first glance. But for all of my trial toons I’ve picked almost random haircuts and faces, and they all appeared to be actually awesome. Transmog here is an interesting game to play: like with clothes IRL, you need to mask the drawbacks and bring out the good stuff – challenging, but extremely satisfying.

The other challenge is a name of course. I think I want to go with something utterly British – probably following my pattern of picking not a name, but a surname which is more likely to be free. The other options could be tying her to a monk/oriental thing, or a beer reference. Currently this trial toon is named Buxendale – a reference to Helen Baxendale, an actress who played one of Ross’ girlfriends in Friends.

This post is spoiler-free on purpose – I will describe my thoughts the Kul Tiran and Magni questline later today.

Current mood: happy!


2 thoughts on “It’s a Monk!

  1. I was amazed by the number of people who did not make Kul’tiran druid, i saw warriors, hunters, priests and a monk … i thought everyone will choose wickerpunk :-)

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