Cloth on Standby

Wow, that was most unexpected. I had some playtime yesterday for a single wing run with a character of choice, and I picked Micromantica. The only thing left for my cloth casters from the raid was an off-hand drop from Jaina…

…and it dropped even without a bonus token.

Hereby the current raid is complete for all three – Kargash, Micromantica and Jellica. And so they are on standby until next content. This was the fastest transmog collection in my experience: it took exactly a month.

This piece of luck is most welcome – now I can fully devote myself to leather, chainmail and plate collections. Besides, I have 2 alts with active leveling – Arkeona the Nightborne Warrior (67) and Myrki the brand new gnome Warlock (already 38). Not to mention a Kul Tiran badass coming in the next week!

I’d say that the radical change of tier sets in BfA is most welcome with me. Think about it: ever since Vanilla we had class-specific sets, to and through the Legion. Cool as they were, more often than not they ignored the current raid and expansion theme. I could recall only Pandaria’s curls, flaming Firelands and spiked clownish Ahn’Kiraj sets to suit the raid theme, and doing it strong. Even the Lich King’s sets, even the ICC told us nothing about ice and death (except for weapons).

Now the armor-type sets are much faster to collect on several alts, and they are very vocal about where we’ve been to get them. I like all of them in BfA: the trad Orc/Human duality from Arathi, the Sylvanas’ colors/purity of Night Elves from Darkshore, the robotic outfits of Uldir and the Bwonsamdi bone theme of Battle for Dazar’Alor. I simply can’t wait for the majestic Nazjatar transmogs and hopefully something from the Crucible (maybe the could offer a whole set for N currency runs, like with Helya raid?).

The sense of achievement along with the excitement of new characters keeps me going, and happily so :)


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