8.1.5. Release Date Announced

As I have predicted, lo and behold: the release date of 8.1.5. is March 12.

It is a perfect timing to spend a couple of weeks in full Dazar’Alor to farm more items and reduce my raiding time further on. Since March 13, my gameplay will be yet again split between raiding and leveling – I think I leave the raiding for weekends, and leveling goes into my shorter morning sessions on workdays.

I have a Nightborne warrior which I am and will be playing in both Protection and Arms – depending on my mood and situation. Arms spec is ok, albeit not as convenient as Fearella’s Fury. In Protection I feel myself like a fish in the water, yet I’m not always eager to tank. I have no idea how Protection now feels in the field: Arkeona has never left Orgrimmar by her 62!

I am not anticipating Zandalari – at least normal Darkpear Trolls have pleasant faces, but these are just scary. What I crave for are Kul Tirans.

Blizzard has added more tuning options this week. Kul Tiran males have got a beard option:


I think if you roll a Kul Tiran male, a beard or whiskers are a must have option. Without it they look like grim thugs.

Kul Tiran females have got a whole range of earrings and necklaces:



With my all-feminine roster, this is no exception: I am rolling a Kul Tiran girl. Let’s reconsider the Kul Tiran class options:

  • Druid
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warrior

My choice will bounce between a druid, a monk or a rogue – all leathers. As you know, I’m not a fan of druid shapeshifting, and only the wicker form fantasy may lure me into it. A Cat is not an option, Balance doesn’t play well thematically with Kul Tirans. But I can easily imagine a Thornspeaker healer or a Mama Bear. Still, if I ever want a druid again, I am inclined to a Balance Darskpear troll.

Monk is an attractive option because a Brewmaster will be simply amazing, and I could switch to a caster Mistweaver too if I feel like I need a calmer personality. I guess that Windwalker would feel a bit awkward :)

For my main rogue I previously switched from always-Assassination into Subtlety due to CD issues. In Legion Assassination felt like I always waited for cooldowns instead of fighting. I might try it with a Kul Tiran again in BfA, but the major rogue option lure here is of course the piratic Outlaw. I’ve never played it too much as it seems simplistic and boring albeit flashy – but who knows, maybe it will be exactly the option for the race.

As always, a trial character would solve it all and ruin all my plans :)

3 thoughts on “8.1.5. Release Date Announced

  1. Protection Warrior took particulary nasty hit from the removal of artifact and legendaries and nerf of several important talents. In particular, it feels that Fury self-healing is several times greater, in addition to damage. Protection as of now is for group content only.

    I thought you liked Zandalari druid forms? (https://gnomecore.wordpress.com/2018/02/28/zandalari-druid-forms/)

    I’m not sure what exactly are the Assasination CDs you speak about? I am aware of exactly one combat-related CD (Vendetta). Well, Garotte has CD too, but it can be kept on two targets and is not worth applying in AoE situation. You may have encountered long energy refilling periods when you cannot use any skill; if you did, you forgot to put poison on your weapons (Assasination resores energy every time the poison deals damage to enemy).


    • Yes, the Zandalari druid forms are awesome! It’s just I would rather see them on other players than play one myself :)

      I’m ok with tanking dungeons so far in Protection. The only thing that bothers me if leveling and world questing could feel impossibly boring, so Arms as a helping spec.

      Yes, I mean energy refills. Of course I never forget to put poisons on :) I’ve accumulated as much gear haste as possible too, and still it felt too slow. I think that rogues should be all about a quick blade work with no pause at all – other specs qualify, Assassination not anymore.


  2. I oddly really like windwalker this expansion – the rotation is satisfying and has just enough hectic-ness to it to feel interesting. Although, me personally, I am rolling Druid – the wicker bear is too cool to pass up, even though I have the mage tower werebear form!

    Balance is a nice choice if you don’t like the shapeshifting because you can take the glyphs for the solar or astral forms, so you still get the Kul Tiran (or Zandalari) silhouette while playing, but I’m not a big fan of leveling druids – so if I were in your boat, I’d probably go Monk! Plus, you get the Transcendence EXP buff to speed through leveling a bit faster.

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