Now a Champion of Azeroth

Somewhere there is my Mircomantica, receving her next Exalted achievement:


There is nothing too special about Exalted rewards here, just a scary cap:


I literally can’t see shit (or even smell shit) in this thing!

I’ve checked Magni on a hunter today, and mail armor reward will be zandalari-type shoulders, much like the dino heads of their warships. Pretty cool, but I wonder why is it zandalari tmog items from Magni?

I’m not quite happy with factions tabards yet. There is one I could actually wear – a Stormsong one, with an anchor and exactly the color tone like my current transmog. But… there’s an eye in the said anchor, the Stormsong crest, and that reminds me the Old Gods too vividly to be happy. No tabards then.

So… it’s Tortollans to go – 3k or so, and my main is done with reputations and world questing.

5 thoughts on “Now a Champion of Azeroth

  1. Nice work! Almost there. I reached exalted with them all a little bit ago and I shrugged at the gear too and the mounts. I haven’t bought any mounts, but I have been slowly collecting charms for the pet stuff and of course I will buy the toys.

    I like the first picture, it’s kind of like a rainbow vomit background with the exalted achievement plastered over it XD

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  2. Well done :) now you can advance on that bonus thing near the mission table? I think! Something with diplomat in the title was required for that, if I recall correctly, but maybe that was revered with all.


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