One More Exalted…


…and one more mount – this time from the Order of Embers!

The three horses are actually great. Recolor as they are, they fit every type of alignment – pure white Proudmoore steed for priests and paladins, brutal black Order for darker classes, or the one from Stormsong with royal attire. Now I need the Horde’s ones :)

I’ve discovered two more flight points in Zuldazar for the Alliance. Here they are:

  • Xibala
  • Verdant Slope (conveniently next door to frequent azerite quests)
  • Mugambala
  • Atal’Dazar
  • Nesingwary
  • Atal’Gral
  • Tortollans in the middle of the map
  • Tortollans in the south of the map
  • Talanji’s Rebuke
  • The one near Dazar’Alor

Almost the same amount of flight points as the Horde has, and the Alliance’s appeared to be more convenient considering access to world questing, as long as the Horde has a couple of completely irrelevant places (like mogu isles where you never go on your own).

Once again, it’s awesome how Blizzard managed to pull it off. Even at the hostile land you feel at home.

I’ve sneaked with Micromantica almost to the heart of Dazar’Alor capital, up to the terrace of crafters to hunt for Utaka fish for achievement – and died just once from the guards. Now parked there absolutely safe, waiting for the fish school to pop up. I’m not sure I could do the same trick in Boralus though (the Horde has a mirrored achievement, fishing out something next to Proudmoore Keep).

4 thoughts on “One More Exalted…

  1. Question for you since you play the Alliance side and always have well thought out posts.

    I was angry last night about the upcoming choice we must make as Horde players that will effect how the story plays out with future quests. Support the Warchief or not.

    So my question, and you may have a similar choice to make. If you are told you have to choose, follow Anduin as he tries to find a peaceful solution to this war, or side more with Greymane and fight the Horde into extinction. But the choice you make with 1 quest determines the next 6 months or more of how you will have to play the game, would you find it’s an easy choice? Also what if the choice you made, was also made by 80% of the Alliance, and Blizzard added in a cool mount reward if you took the other choice instead.

    That last part is a tinfoil hat guess on my part about the mount. At the very least you would need 2 max levels to experience both sides of the story on the Alliance side.

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      • Alunaria mentioned to me that there might also be an option to not choose at all. Would just miss out on getting a toy. I don’t consider Alliance players the enemy, as much as they try to force the issue. Guess we will know in a few weeks.

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