Starting with spreadsheets, as usual:


I’m a couple of quests away from Order of Embers on Micromantica, and this will be done today. One or two emissaries will also bring her to the Exalted on every BfA faction, and for that, she’ll be on standby with world quests until next content.

Micromantica and Jellica have also earned my first Uldir set –



I’m definitely not a fan of titan stuff, and overall robotic theme, but this poker face is outright scary and cool. How’s that even cloth? :) Anyways, there’s a couple of weapons to acquire for cloth toons – a dagger and a staff – and I’m effectively closing the current content with my main. She’s 355, so there’s probably no ilvl upgrade that she wants until later.

Other toons have a long way through the same very path – I need them Exalted everywhere, transmogs collected from Uldir and Warfronts (btw, the last cloth piece from Warfronts is also to be acquired). I have the last Siege of Boralus run to forget it for good and complete the Jaina story within Alliance alts.

In the Horde camp, I need Vol’jin story completed with Schlitzchen. She has only to slay G’huun and use a quest object on him. I could actually do it this cooldown, but silly me, I won a fist weapon and was so glad to leave with it that I simply forgot to do the quest stuff :) Anyways, there’s a shield there, so I’ll return anyways.

I’ve completed the Vol’jin story first time. Long story short, the whole thing revolves around the urn with his remnants. First we try to put it in Atal’Dazar among the kings, Bwonsamdi interferes and asks us to bring it to him in Necropolis. We do so, and then we learn that there is no Vol’jin’s spirit. Bwonsamdi is terrified and is afraid of his boss (?) who will punish him for that. Then a small ritual in the ship with Galdrin, Rokhan and Talanji lures the spirit to us, and Vol’jin then asks us to drench his blade in G’huun’s blood. We do so, and Vol’jin says that Talanji is an awesome leader. Talanji gives a speech to Zandalari, honoring the fallen trolls and loa in the civil war and to G’huun’s schemes. She also praises the Horde hero for help. This is a moment of awesome, and the speech is very inspiring:


*Fearella looks like she plans to smash Talanji’s knee caps and see how she falls from the pyramid, but this is not true. The princess is awesome.

Anyways, this is nowhere close to Jaina’s awesome questline. The whole thing was quite chaotic, not really inspiring, and frankly there are more questions than answers. Why Vol’jin’s spirit was gone, but suddenly appeared so easily and behaved like a living character? Who is Bwonsamdi’s boss? Why it all looked like Talanji’s crowning moment, when her failing, but beloved and legit king father still lives? Oh well. What we know for sure is that the Horde and Zandalari effectively coped with all the troubles in the continent, finished the traitors and put an end to corruption. Let’s rejoice :) As I said, the speech was pretty great.

Of the stories untold, I have now the Mag’har questline left – waiting for Schlitzchen to hit Exalted with the Honorbound.

So, having several milestones reached, I still have lots to do and get busy with until December 12, when the new content drops on us. Such fun!


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