Battle for Azeroth: Story Development and Next Expansion

I’ve commented about this in several blogs already, and I think my speculation deserves a special post.


Remember how Genn said to Anduin in the latest Saurfang cinematic that these were the last troops? They would be recruiting farmers – farmers, and the war has barely started.

They would waste their fleets – and even their new shining Kul Tiran/Zandalari fleets – during the upcoming Siege of Zandalar. There are two warfronts – Darkshore and Arathi. We are running out of manpower. All of us – both Alliance and Horde.

Not only us, but all the people of Azeroth may be wondering why are we fighting now.

The war may be senseless for people, but not in the eyes of the Old Gods.

I think we will see that it was the Old Gods who whispered Vol’jin to make Sylvanas a warchief.

She is a warmongering bitch, and they simply knew that she she will immediately start a war. It was meant to be a senseless, brutal and devastating war to weaken both factions. Because when both factions work together – they bring down the Old Gods, two examples already – C’thun and Yogg-Saron.

And that is why Blizzard wants us to wait and see. We do not understand why we’re fighting, but we’re engulfed in rage and hatred – from Teldrassil, loss of honor, mutual casualties. We just won’t stop. And we’ve been played with.

And that is why the war makes perfect sense in the long run.

We are just puppets. Deal with it.

Like it or not, us and our feelings are part of the plot, of the grand scheme.

Let’s play our role, would we?

What of the next expansion? 

Sylvanas is seeing her last expansion as a warchief, that’s crystal clear. But I don’t think that we will kill her or explore the Void/Light theme further, nor travel to another planets. Not yet.

We are looking into the revival of the Death and Ice themes.

Death Knights have seen Bolvar in Legion, and he’s not your sacrificial nice guy which we left at the Frozen Throne. He’s already quite menacing and definitely not kind.

We’ve been introduced to Bwonsamdi, who claims he has another entity for a death boss. We have Gorak Tul and Thros – a local death dimension, but it’s a death dimension. We know that Helya is not dead. There’s Kalia Menethil, Arthas’ sister, now undead priest of Light.

Have we got enough lead-ins? Well, here’s one more.

Christie Golden was not being vain describing the talk of Anduin and Genn about his probable mate. Anduin stated that he does not simply need a noble match, it must be someone he would love.


In BfA Blizzard has introduced Taelia Fordragon – an action girl, a perfect match for the king. What is more important, they leave to talk after the Alliance campaign – presumably about her father, but it’s perfectly possible that some feelings will grow from this. Surely it would be awesome to end the grim expansion on a positive note – like wedding :)


The most important thing is: Taelia is Bolvar’s daughter.

It’s not a Chekhov’s gun, it’s a Chekhov’s bazooka now hanging from the wall.

And what could make more drama and epicness than the new Lich King and the new Queen of the Alliance clashed in a fight of all good vs all evil?

I’m thrilled to see it.


4 thoughts on “Battle for Azeroth: Story Development and Next Expansion

  1. Something that has stuck in my mind from when I first went to Darkshore. I think it was right after Gallyxix and Sylvannas talked. Something that lead her to believe that the Alliance was gathering up Azerite to create weapons presumably to destroy the Horde. When we get there, we see ships that have been damaged along the shore and are being protected by the Alliance, and we see NPCs mining Azerite. Now we all know Genn is a hot head with a bone to grind with her. Haha, yeah a Worgen with a bone. Anyway, I’m wondering if it’s not necessarily her and Anduin being manipulated, but perhaps Genn and Gallywix.

    I think there is a bit too much to speculate, and that’s frustrating to people. We all know at some point 6-9 months from now we will all be working together. I think we are tired of spending the first 9 months getting to where we see who the bad guy is.

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    • Granted that we have Azshara in the middle, N’Zoth will be the last guy. We will have 3 lead-in raids by that time – G’huun, something lurking in the depths of Shrine of the Storms, and Nazjatar in person.

      And we also have a Magni sword problem – it obviously has to be solved during this expansion, and no one has more interest in Azeroth the titan than the Old Gods now.

      So I can think it’s safe to say that the remaining Old God has orchestrated the whole thing.

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      • I look back on all the expansions I have played, in Wrath we had the Lich King front and center, he was in our dungeons, and raids. Cata we had Deathwings out and about laying waste to the world, Pandaria we had the Sha of Anger, etc always yelling at us coming shy of saying come at me brah, is that wll you got brah? Draenor kind of lost the plot, we started out going after Garrosh as a hold over from Pandaria, and ended up where we did, which tied into Legion. I still have the thought that the two expansions had parts shuffled in order to tie the movie in with known characters. Which makes an interesting thought. What if after Pandaria we were supposed to battle the Burning Legion, and that was supposed to be followed up with Warlords of Draenor, that carried into Battle for Azeroth. Back to the point, Draenor really didn’t have an in your face bad guy, they were lurking in the shadows, Legion eventually brought on the Burning Legion so we saw that everywhere, but now we are back to forces in the shadows unseen, or hidden away in dungeons and raids. And I think that is what makes this feel mundane, sure we have stuff in the world to fight like we always do, but the stories are too fragmented. I have no clue what the Alliance tale is because I wont force myself to play a character just to see how the story unfolds. I did at the start of Legion, and regretted doing so.

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        • Every so often I wander out to Northrend and fly around the Stormpeaks into mountains and all around looking at the machinery that’s been dormant for who knows how long. I keep hoping I will fly into a building one day to see something happening. In the back of my mind I often wonder if they have plans for us one day to travel back in time to where it was all functioning, to see where it all got it’s start. Who knows, maybe this expansion will end with us getting our butts handed to us and Khadgar, Thrall, Chromie, and Wraithion will all show up right before we are wiped out and send us back in time to stop something from happening, and changing the future.

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