Trivia: Digging, Digging Hole

Yeah, I know you love my spreadsheets :)


1. My reps now range between Honored (blue) and Revered (purple), and I’m starting to hit Exalted. Micromantica has bought a couple of Exalted steeds, and these horsies are gorgeous:


2. War Campaign depends on rep, so it’s just there for the sake of why not. Not the thing I should be tracking.

3. I’ve covered Exploration on every alt and opened every flight point.

4. I’ve decided to complete Jaina/Vol’jin questlines on every alt. Jaina requires a couple more Siege of Boralus runs, and Vol’jin’s questline, besides normal questing, requires completing 1 dungeon and killing G’huun on any difficulty. Waiting for the raid reset which is tonight.

5. Speaking of raids, I’ve been busy during weekend and carried a heap of transmogs out of Uldir. More to go, and no complete sets yet, plus weapons.

6. I’ve been clearing the quest logs, and some of my toons can boast with almost empty ones.

7. Speaking of quests, there is an interesting Ruin Has Come questline available both to Horde and Alliance – check the starting note in Brennadam/Warfang Hold, the quest also visible on a major map. It drives you to the island by the Shrine of the Storm. After you do the initiate quests, there is a new one after a while – I haven’t detected yet what are the conditions – is it time-gated, or rep-based, or both?

The next and quite new quest, Trinkets and Baubles, requires clearing the same caves in the island. The questgiver says dark things about sanity, resolve and being prepared. It’s clearly a build-up for the upcoming 2-boss raid here, linked to the Old Gods and Azshara – we’ll see how this unrolls further, I hope it won’t be about clearing the same caves again and again.


3 thoughts on “Trivia: Digging, Digging Hole

  1. I’ve got the impression that after you do a quest from Ruin Has Come line, the new one appears at Daily Quest Reset time.


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