My Hands Are Full

Now that I’m all in endgame, I’m feeling stretched thin.

Here’s the list of my activities:

  • Cover emissary on all six toons – better not put it off for the next day, because you’ll be overwhelmed. Quick, but time consuming due to several alts.
  • Cover warfronts activities – either warfront scenario for 370 drop, or doing weekly quests to get resources to spend during the next warfront iteration at mission table and a 340 item.
  • Kill a world boss on every alt – for a gear upgrade/transmog chance and for achievement.

Having 2-3 hours to play during workdays, this pretty much consumes all my time. I’m adding Uldir on weekends to hunt for transmogs. Needless to say, I don’t cover the LFR wings weekly on all alts, or even most of them.

And still I have an arm-long list of normal questing. I have to see the Vol’jin questline for the Horde toons. I have gathering quests. I have Siege of Boralus to complete Jaina’s questline on three alts. I have scattered one-time rare kill quests – for 250 rep each – across continents. I have small side questlines for additional reputation (like Tortollans in the south of Zandalar – the one with murlocs and naga). I have an introduction questline for the upcoming tidesage/q’thir raid (Ruin to Come questline in Stormsong). I have dungeon runs to complete for some of the mentioned things. I have no idea when I’m gonna do this all :) And I don’t even mention my new shaman – most probably she will be left out until these things are resolved.

Surely practice makes perfect – for example, it’s only 5 toons today to run 7th Legion/Honorbound, as Micromantica is already Exalted. And reputation is most important to force today, before Blizzard drops something new on our heads. Besides, chasing it is fun to me, adding numbers to my spreadsheet with every emissary completed and literally seeing my daily progress on the same page.

Are we out of content? I don’t think so.


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