Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge – 41/42

I’m on my rails, my gaming is so smooth and vibrant, and yet there’s no milestones to report yet :) So I’ve decided to cover a couple of missed topics from Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge in one post – luckily they do not require full-scale posts :)

Topic 41: Why do you play your faction?

Are you a die-hard Hordie or did you join the Alliance and never looked back, or are you a swinger?

We’d love to know what it is that made you pick the faction you did, and what keeps you there. For those of you who play both factions if you can’t pick your favourite,  tell us what’s special for each side!

I’m playing both sides, but for most times my allegiance has always been with the Alliance.

This is simple enough – I prefer intellect and spirit to raw physical power, and this is where the Alliance has always been the champion. I prefer a friendly talk to a friendly punch in the shoulder. And I absoultely prefer civilized cities and hamlets to a more brutal type of barbaric huts – whatever their size is :)

I’m not against the Horde – Blizzard can convincingly sell us whichever faction, even zerg or undead as heroes, and you’re happy to play them and embrace their antics as your own. It is interesting and inspiring to play the Hordies, and learning about their internal life is vital for understanding the overall politics and Azeroth stories. And yet, of all Horde, I feel most deeply attached to Tauren (because spirit) and Goblins (because intellect and happy attitude).

Topic 42: What’s your favourite role in a MMO?

WoW is built on the classic trio of Tank, Healer and DPS and each brings its own unique playstyle to the game which brings us to ask you:

What is your favourite role and why?

Do you love being the shield that protects your group, or the damage dealer that melts the mobs before you or the healer at the back shaking your head at the people standing in fire and giving you something to do?

Having my main as a mage and the second favorite toon a rogue kinda justifies my choices :)

It was not until Draenor that I tried tanking the final content, and in Legion I’ve been playing in all 36 specs available in game, but my favorite has always been DPS.

It’s appealing in (mostly) a bit more relaxed gameplay, your mistakes are not that vital. Yet I’m doing my best following the tactics and providing as much damage as I can master. I’m not competitive – no addons or meters, so I don’t know how effective I am, or bother about squishing the last drop from my gear. Just doing my thing as far as I understand it :)

Tanking is appealing to be the most important guy in the group, also the whole encounter is literally directed by you. Yet the great responsibility is also a source of more stress. The only toon I have now that is capable of tanking is a warrior, and I’m happier as a Fury with her.

Healing is in some ways more relaxing than DPS, but you totally miss what happens on the battlefield, as you’re deep into the players’ name plates. I enjoy my priest’s fantasy as a gnome battle medic, and this could be probably the only reason I’m playing her as a healer (and the fact that shadow fantasy, visuals and rotation are absolutely awful to me).

So, DPS – and ranged DPS.


5 thoughts on “Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge – 41/42

  1. Well done on tackling the challenges. Is it just me, or does there seem less passionate participating in these in BfA? (No offense to anyone at all, the challenges are awesome too, it’s just an observation) I guess I would expected blogging to be on fire these months. But perhaps it makes sense; People are playing the game instead, which is good :)

    I find healing way more relaxing than DPS, but maybe it’s because I know it by heart. I do miss seeing the battlefield more, as you point out.


    • Healing IS relaxing. Surely there are your hero moments, but mostly if you fail it means that people did everything wrong like ignoring the tactics. When I realized that and stopped worrying about silly one-shot deaths, it became my relaxing activity. I simply know my buttons, and what I can do and what I can not.

      I’d never go to a raid wing healer first though. The best is walking in as a ranged DPS first and see the whole fight outlay. Then entering as a healer you need barely half a glance to know when to move out or smth.

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    • The whole media thing around WoW is kinda strange with me. First, people got immense butthurt with the re-ignition of faction war, then Teldrassil burning, then BfA unpolished systems. I’m reading about quits, and delays until patch, and people bored, but I’m having a lots of fun myself. Something similar was in Draenor – it was filled with events for me, first day to last, unlike many players’ experience.

      Somehow this difference between player base and myself bothers me a lot more now. Maybe I should read other people less :)

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      • I imagine that can make one feel somewhat allienated if so many around you have a different, is the word, perception, of it? Glad it’s enjoyable for you – it’s probably the way you tackle it :)

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