Attuned for Raiding

Yay, more spreadsheets :)


Now the ilvl column is all colored blue – and this means my toons have crossed the 320 threshold, the entry item level for Uldir and warfronts! I forgot to mention Headless Horseman as a gear up help – his 335 items are awesome for fresh 120s, and some of my toons are now wearing two of his rings.

Micromantica is all good – there’s nothing I could possibly desire from WQ or raid considering gear, but she still needs to collect tmogs.

I could have deleted this ilvl column, but I will keep it to track my toons gearing up for at least 340 – I guess this will be enough for the next batch of content in 8.1.

It’s not that I’m seeing the end of the tunnel already, but I am firmly and surely dedicated to the endgame. Reputations are quite time consuming, and my regular routines now are about covering emissaries daily on all alts. I don’t even really have any Uldir time until weekends :)

As always, persistence will pay off. I’m looking forward to hitting most of the Exalted on alts by December, and probably this is when I’m rolling the very anticipated dark iron casting shaman (Schlitzchen is enjoying her Enhancement). Oh, who am I kidding – I’m rolling her the very minute I hit Exalted on the first 7th Legion.

Having my hands full, having my very distinctive goals, having lots of fun.


8 thoughts on “Attuned for Raiding

  1. Consider running low mythic keys (2 and 3) with your main. In BfA, mythic dungeons have no mechanic differences from heroic, just bigger numbers. Likewise, level 2 and 3 mythic plus have only Fortifies/Tyrannycal affix, also a number increase.


    • I don’t see any reason to run mythics :) Likewise in Legion. I care for gear only as means to trespass to further content. Re-running dungeons throughout expansion is an unnecessary chore. LFR allows me to collect tmog sets along the way.

      I’ve boasted previously that my Legion mythic experience was limited to 3 (three) mythic runs. I’m firm to limit my mythic experience in BfA with Siege of Boralus and King’s Rest which have no other options.


    • And still less than Legion’s 12 mogging sets per raid – collected them all :)

      I’ll hit the required 340+ on every alt very quick, and focus on the ridiculous transmog – we need barely 4 sets today from Uldir.


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