Uldir: A Peep into Heart of Corruption


The last wing of Uldir, unlike most raids in Legion, contains two bosses – Mythrax and G’huun himself.

Mythrax, predicted as LFR bane, appeared to be one of the easiest bosses in the raid. It sports barely a couple of mechanics, and not any new ones. Step out of the cone if it targets your general direction, and make sure your tanks drive adds apart. Easy as that.

But G’huun can easily be your raid killer, and it really is. It has most inventive mechanics, where beating the boss itself takes the least time from the encounter. It revolves around your heroic 2-4 people which bring orbs on either side to fuel the superlaser, while others are messing around in the central room. This superlaser, when charged, first cleanses the multiplying adds, and the second charge burns down 30k from G’huun itself, otherwise unbeatable. It is quite a messy and bloody encounter which I could compare probably to Helya in complexity, not one-shot mannequin of Xavius of course.

Now that we’ve played through the whole raid, here’s my boss rating:

The ones that are fun:

  • Taloc
  • Zek’voz
  • G’huun

The ones that I relax:

  • Fetid Devourer
  • Mythrax

The ones that I hate:

  • Vectis
  • Zul

Lorewise the whole raid is sorta anti-climactic. Even for the Horde players, who saw Mythrax and Zul in action and fought their deal of blood trolls. For the Alliance, it’s another Brann’s investigation of titan constructions, but it’s nowhere near to the magnificence and mysteries of Ulduar of course.

Basically the whole raid is about… cleaning the mess. And even if the bosses are great, the blood magic theme masterfully delivered in visuals, it’s not even matching Emerald Nightmare. Because we’re doing janitor job in the lab.

What do you feel upon defeating G’huun? I’m putting my mop in a bucket with a feeling of a job well done :)


14 thoughts on “Uldir: A Peep into Heart of Corruption

  1. I have yet to do Mythrax in LFR because the one raid I joined was already on G’huun. But that one took a few tries. I’m still not sure how to be one of the orb runners. But we managed to beat it eventually. I enjoy that fight, its got some neat mechanics and visuals. And mother as well.

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    • I’m always up for some unusual tasks in the encounters if any :)

      Orbs are easy. You need a partner, and you beat the blood bulbs on the floor which slow you down to reduce their area of effect. Once the light orb spawns, you need to carry it through the corridor and place it in the machine. You can carry it several yards before you’re slowed down up to can’t move, then you must toss it as far forward as possible and your partner catches it to move on.

      High mobility classes are highly recommended here – monks, mages, warriors with their heroic leap, warlock gates – whatever helps to add up to normal running. Being a warrior was a mere pleasure here.

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    • If you’ve ever been to the Temple of Setrallis, you’ve seen orb running (I think the snake eye plaza is a kind of training for this encounter). There are some important differences though:
      – in the Temple, you run very slow with the sphere; in the raid, you start with your normal speed, but slow down with time;
      – no setraki/orb guardians to take your sphere; instead, the same tumours that cover the path from Mythrax to G’huun slow you down and must be damaged to bypass;
      – if you miss your orb throw, orb is lost forever, prolonging the fight.

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  2. G’huun is quite complex. Even on LFR. The whole instance is quite ok, but EN was a lot better imho.
    I have not done Horde leveling yet, but I can imagine having Zul mid first raid must be a bit meh.
    “janitor job in the lab”. Haha, best short description of a raid I ever heard :-D

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  3. Hey, welcome back … in BFA i went even more casual if that possible, i don’t even do LFR or dungeons anymore, instead i watched Method live streaming their raid and that was entertaining, i may go back to LFR later before another raid opens.

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  4. Thank you for the recap. Bookmarked all of your tours for when I enter the raid :) Is there a lot of cutscenes? Pondering whether I should look at them before entering; I always feel a tad stressed out, because people in LFR in general are quite impatient if you stay behind.


      • Aha great. Oh, don’t misunderstand, I was not like “MUST HAVE CUTSCENES”. It’s just nice knowing in advance. I rather watch them on Youtube than during a speedy LFR ;)


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