Back on the Rails

After a week’s vacation of travel, fun, drinking, playing metal, listening to metal and a big bunch of sightseeing I’m happy to get back to WoW and everyday life.

This is the result of the passing weekend:


The most important thing is that already four of my toons are attuned to Uldir and are now happily collecting transmogs there. The speed of gearing up is really fascinating. I wanted Jellica to the raid asap to start healing, and so I picked her up first. She was walking in her 310 before my vacation. Since login, she skyrocketed up to 329 in two hours of gameplay. Two hours. And the raid itself granted her 3 ilvls more.

The variety of possibilities to gear up is amazing. First, you pick up gear world quests – every new upgrade ticks 1 or more ilvl up, and crossing a certain threshold raises world quest reward ilvl as well. Second, it’s emissary ‘chest’ rewards. Third, I was completing dungeons for both Jaina/zone questlines. Fourth, I went to warfronts to kill a world boss, complete a quest for 340 gear – or you can execute the sequence for 370 if you’re playing on the other side. Fifth, kill a Kul/Zandalar world boss for an extra chance of 355 gear drop. Sixth… crafting. Yes, crafting – Baisa as a Leatherworker produced a bunch of goods for herself and Pins the Rogue – although only 300 ilvl pieces, but they helped to boost the WQ rewards 5 ilvls higher.

Two hours of gameplay, and my ilvl is up for 19 points.

I’m not even totally there for endgame with all of my toons. Surely most of them are raiding now, and I’m trying to keep up with emissary rotation on all alts, but I still have at least Baisa left to solve the Jaina mystery and end up with the outposts. There’s exploration to do, and I have a quest log the length of an arm for my relatively fresh 120s.

Where I am leading is that at this stage of expansion I have lots to do, and what is more important, with my goals set and followed, I’m having fun.

For blog posting, I have plans to review the last wing of Uldir, and also explore the general moods of ‘sad’ BfA among the player base.

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