And at this stage I’m off to my vacation. Me & my band are driving to Netherlands all the way from Russia to play a couple of shows and have some fun on the way there and back :) This means that there is no WoW for me this week, and Mr. Ga-hoon will have to wait for my return, as long as the last wing’s review post.

I’m all set, top priority now being raising my ilvl. Second priority is reputations of course. Along the way it’s zone final quests in dungeons, warfronts, and (my oh my) maybe island expeditions as well? :)

Some quick thoughts on the days passed:

Warfront questing without a group is pain for a fresh 120, even a hunter! Needs gearing up. This put aside, I’m digging this activity, it’s so fun.

I’ve healed all the required dungeon batch with my priest in Holy spec, and it was a blast. No one, never was down with health less than 60%, and I consider anyone below 90% as a personal insult, so imagine me happy :) Can’t wait to gear up and go raiding with her.

The Horde’s Ready for War is so anti-climactic compared to the Alliance counterpart.

My Hordies are totally afraid of standing in front of Sylvanas, even when she’s praising my toons. I expect a sudden stab in the eye, no less. When is she gone, you were saying?.. Nathanos is also a bitchy boss, I don’t like to do his bidding.

Trash before Zul is where you meet & greet assholes and dumbasses. Seriously, 6 wipes on trash in both Schlitzchen’s and Micromantica’s runs. All you need to do is fucking not pull before tank. And reset the mobs if you failed, not drive them all the way to respawn point. Apparently it’s the hardest thing to do so far in the whole expansion.

On this merry note, Gnomecore’s out :)


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