Said and Done

My previous This Much post was about fixating my inner concerns on the ‘paper’. When I read it myself, I immediately knew that it was basically a plan of action.

What can I say?


  1. Warlock, monk, paladin, druid were stripped naked, vendored and mailed all the goods to other toons, and deleted.
  2. Trial toon showed that a goblin girl has this awful pirouette as one of Arms basic spells, but animations are excellent in Fury and Protection that I do play.
  3. Besides, all the plate armor looks awesome on a goblin – due to their thinnest waists.
  4. Gorhaug the Orc Warrior was then turned into Fearella the Goblin Warrior (I decided to pass the warlock’s name, it fits her as well).
  5. Now I have 4 awesome sauce gnomes and Schlitzchen is not alone too on the Horde side :) Thanks for the advice to keep a plate armor girl.

Leveling is… done. It was a great thing today to go into endgame activities – establishing an outpost, going for gathering quests, completing the dungeons for final zone quests. Well, now you think of it, they’re not exactly endgame, but they are for me.

Head deep into leveling for 1,5 months, I’m feeling a bit astray now. And yet – happy, of course. It’s a great relief to handle some sensible alt amount. It must sink in in the days coming.

Let me finish with one of my favorite stories:

– Oh wise man, nothing makes me happy anymore.
– So… take a dog, a dozen of chickens, a cow, a goat, and a sheep, and let them live in your house for a year.
So the man did and lived with them under same roof for a year.
– Now what?
– Now chase them all out and see how you feel.

12 thoughts on “Said and Done

    • Thanks!

      They have a really cool choice of hairstyles, amazing casting animations (just check their fingers upon hurling smth.), and with a careful choice of ears/noses you can make a real beauty.

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      • Ooh I’m tossing up between a DK and a Warrior. Warrior because your little one looks so amazing, and DK because that’s the only plate wearer I really love to play but the eyes spoil the Gnome face a bit so I can’t decide.

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        • Deadly skin is what repulses me in death knights. I’ve seen dead people close in my life, even kissed them goodbye (my grandma and friend), and I can’t help remembering the specific scent when looking at a masterfully designed dead skin colors. The undead not so much, they’re fantasy-pale.

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  1. I can’t delete any toon even tho I don’t play it anymore. I don’t know, it feels so sad. Hours invested, leveling, questing, understanding the class and specs… Deleting it sounds like killing an old friend from your life. I just can’t.

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    • I see your pain :) I had to work this through myself. Creating stories of their further destiny helps a lot (retirement, change of life values, death, marriage – whatever works:) This way you know where your character is now – it’s like he/she is becoming an npc.

      Hence, my alt culling is not cruel – they are never a sack of pixels labeled ‘tank toon’ or ‘herbalism toon’ or whatever. They all have a background, and I know where all my past toons went to.

      As for time invested – well, it was the fun process, isn’t it? It is cruel to make yourself playing a class you don’t like anymore (or never really liked).

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  2. You are so decisive! I tend to dither and wibble over these kinds of decisions for weeks before I act.

    And those deleted toons aren’t really gone forever… if you decide you want them back, you can just undelete them. I think there’s some sort of time scale where the more advanced in level the toon is, the longer they stick around in Blizzard’s deep storage servers somewhere before they get permanently deleted — and I think the threshold to not actually get permanently deleted ever is level 60. I had this level 63-64 druid that I deleted around the beginning of Legion, and I could still undelete her if I wanted to. And odder still, I was doing some kind of transaction with my account recently in which I got a list of all my characters on all the servers where I have characters, and there in the middle of that list I saw the deleted druid’s name, tagged with a server where I have never rolled characters. It looked like the data for that toon had been shuffled off to a less-populated server, or something.

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    • Yes, I’ve seen this option :) I think it’s making the job for support a lot easier. Still, if I dismiss a toon – I dismiss a toon forever :)

      My previous post was putting the long-boiling concerns into written form. Seeing it fixed in letters helped to realize that it was long wanted, although in some amorphic form of general dissatisfaction, not actual word thoughts. One more reason to write a blog :)

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