Leveling: Final Stage Incoming

My project with a code name ‘Complete zone #2 per alt’ is finished! Here’s where we are now:

September 20

And hereby starts the project ‘Complete zone #3’ where we hit level 120 with every alt. My plan is as follows:

1. Fearella – Vol’dun (started)
2. Baisa – Stormsong
3. Aurinka – Drustvar
4. Gorhaug – Zuldazar
5. Anibell – Tiragarde
6. Jammu – Vol’dun
7. Paitsu – Stormsong
8. Pins – Drustvar

It is very nice now that every alt receives 270-280 ilvl which is close to the high level gear.

It is nice that all of them see the end of the tunnel.

And with the last alt completing a zone I’ll be reading quest texts again. It’s gonna be a farewell to leveling BfA experience, so every small questing nuance shall be carved in stone of my memory. Knowing that this is your last run for a long time suddenly makes the experience of the N-th zone re-run very precious.

And then – to the endgame! My alt goals are as follows:

  • Dungeon runs for zone climax quests and Jaina story
  • Completing war campaign quests
  • Reputations – through emissary runs
  • Uldir attunement (320 ilvl)
  • Uldir transmog sets
  • Warfront stuff

Looking forward to it – I have plenty to do before the next patch. Those sweet routines :)


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