A Month into BfA

I’m checking in with my milestones now :)

September 10


My core gameplay is still devoted to leveling, and it’s still a thing for the upcoming weeks.

My leveling goal now is to cover questing for zone #2 for every toon.

Fearella added Zuldazar to her list, and this made her 118. She’ll hit 120 by the middle of Vol’dun.

Nazmir was completed 3 times, one go left for Gorhaug. I think it’s my most favorite Horde leveling zone now.

I have a thing now for the Alliance toons of completing the tedious northern Tiragarde first, heading to cool Ashvane/pirate south afterwards. I don’t really like the north for being Nesingwary-grindy, and including a whole bunch of underwater questing in the end. Yes, even with quest breathing/swimming buffs this is awful. I hope they would solve us a proper walking for the upcoming N’Zoth lore – would not like Vash’jir 2.0.

Micromantica has completed the one before last questline towards Ready for War. It was an awesome fight in the open, uncharted sea! When I was requested to jump off the Horde ship and signal Falstad to pick me up as a final quest, it was really scary. First several seconds I did not have the signal flare action button, and figuring out whether I will die in the waves, or they will save me was quite immersing! It was rainy, low clouds, no visible shores, and the only two ships were hostile!

Speaking of sea battles, as a Hordie you may get a world quest in Tiragarde to jump on a Highmountain eagle and assault a massive Kul Tiran ship. Please pick another quest :) I was required to kill ten sailors, a cook, a commodore and a tidesage. I’ve killed literally a hundred of mobs before I figured out where the targets were, spending 20 minutes. It was an awful and dangerous grind. At least Bwonsamdi would be happy with the souls’ income :)

The Hordies on EU realms have assembled enough resources for warfronts, and I was able to queue. My, it’s been amazing! At first you think that the fight will take forever – actually it is not. You just go and do things, and they lead to victory.

It’s easy to solve the requirements on spot, it’s pretty obvious what to do. It’s the fun thing from the beginning to the end, and I’m glad to announce that all about warfronts is highly replayable and rewarding. Schlitzchen has got 370 wrists for the quest and 340 hands as a victory reward. How do you like that? And now that the Horde will have Arathi claimed, I’m ready to kill some rares for extra improvement. This activity definitely beats up raiding – now I can do LFR for transmog and story only.

Did they succeed to makes us feel like we’re inside an RTS game? By all means! Warfronts are so much fun!


P.S. The aftermath of Teldrasil burning has settled with my Horde toons. Our army is called Honorbound, and it’s a tongue in cheek towards Sylvanas ways. We barely see her too, and I think of her as a much hated and despised boss for my Horde toons. We fight this war properly, straghtforward and with honor. And this is good.

I don’t really care what happens to the character – the only thing I know that she will be gone by the end of expansion, and we just have to wait and fight with honor. Which Blizzard allows us to do :)


8 thoughts on “A Month into BfA

    • It’s just obvious after pre-patch. She’s a brilliant tactician, but she has nothing to do with the Horde’s path of honor. Naming the Horde war force as Honorbound is a very fat hint. There’s simply nothing that could turn her character this way.

      My best guess is that she’ll be a sort of Illidan/Kerrigan mix. Helping to solve the looming Void problems, not Garrosh 2.0. type of coup, but a sacrificial peace with herself.

      Baine is the most likely new warchief. I would prefer an orc of course, but all the orc options are too old and weary for this now (Eitrigg, Saurfang, Thrall). Granted his background with Anduin, he’s the only one capable of ending the war.

      Also a speculation: Anduin will most likely marry Taelia Fordragon :) I expect a wedding sooner or later, probably as a peaceful culmination of the expansion.

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  1. Very Nice with the levelinh! I would like to play warfronts but since I only have alliance mained I will have to wait more still. I feel like they’ve made the cycle time for warfronts needlessly long.

    From what I’ve seen. They were active with the horde contribution phase for 4-5 days. Then the horde get a 7 day lomg assault phase. I am assuming at the end of that we alliance will get our 4-5 day contribution phase before we can even see the actual scenario. That’s nearly 3 weeks post content drop that I’ll be waiting to see the content. Personally I dont like that time wait.

    I hope they decrease the times for each phase.

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    • A weekly rotation is sensible, as many people play only during weekends.

      I understand it’s hard when they are fresh, but my Alliance main had a great time killing rares in the first week :) And with 5 gear pieces of LFR worth.

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      • Ideally I would change it to a 1 week thing. Horde assaults for one week while alliance can contribute resources, then the next week the roles are flipped. That way the people who can only play weekends can do it all and the time difference won’t be so drastic.

        I may be wrong here. But I was under the assumption the rares were available to everybody and only the world boss was available to whoever owns the warfront.

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  2. Oooh, Warfronts sounds like good fun, you seem so enthusiastic about them! How often can we do them? That Victory screenshot looks neat. Are the players there just a random selection of who was in the team or?


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