Leveling: Slow & Steady

I will continue to write the zone overviews upon their completion. But just a quick overview of my whereabouts today.


Micromantica is in the middle of Tiragarde Sound – 3/7 of the main questline is complete.

My plan now is taking turns in leveling: one zone Alliance, one zone Horde. The first toons to come to 120 will naturally be Micromantica and Schlitzchen. The others will follow.

I’ve decided to go in the following order: Drustvar -> Vol’dun -> Tiragarde Sound -> Nazmir -> Stormsong -> Zuldazar, so expect my posts in this order.

It’s not quite the time to explore all the little things, and there are so many! I’ve described a funny questline in comment for Gracie’s blog – you are given a task from one of traders to kill dino pests, and then you got turned in one with loa revenge! So you can’t quit the dino state and have to repeat Zul’Gurub experience, sneaking the guards as a dino pest and eventually biting the trader quest giver in the butt :)

In Vol’dun, during small azerite mining goblin operation, the goblin mining shredders quote the Starcraft unit responses! In the pipe, five-by-five! Comment if you read the quote in exactly the Dropship’s pilot voice in your head :)

Leveling feels fun so far. I got used to Frost Mage slower fighting, and I’m cool with driving through quests with her. Adding some AoE thinking really helped.

The key goal today is thorough exploration – I need to shove my nose in every corner. Not only to get the achievements you’ll need for Pathfinder, but also make the alt leveling a lot easier. I’m looking for shortcuts, rares, treasures, side questlines – everything of interest. I’m checking all the side questlines to see if they are worth doing on alts (and if they are really side questlines).

I’m not in a rush at all. I stop for fishing, for examining the house interiors, talking to NPCs and stuff like that. Come on, we have two years of expansion ahead of us.

I also queue to the corresponding zone dungeons when questlines lead me there. The quest there ends the storyline and you get a big azerite gem too! Dungeons provide miserable experience, but they are vital for lore, so probably a must for alt leveling as well. They are relatively quick and easy to run, bosses don’t pose any trouble so far. I got one gear drop per dungeon, so this is also a nice bonus.

Scrap-o-matic, or whatever this hell machine is called, I remember about it. As Micromantica is an enchanter and a tailor, I save cloth drops to scrap for mats, and disenchant everything else (plates, mails, leathers, weapons, rings and trinkets). Of course I could scrap them too to aid my alts with their professions, but they will have to work for it themselves :) Hek-hek-hek.

I’ve established one more base in Zandalar – in Nazmir swamps. I liked the Louisiana bogs very much, but the dark grounds and blood troll villages around raid temple, I already hate them. Let’s see how Schlitzchen will do there questing.

Broken Isles, compared to the Battle for Azeroth’s Zandalar and Kul Tiras, frankly feel like an utter dump, filled with boring outcasts and best be forgotten like a bad dream. Now confirmed: in Legion, I liked the gameplay, but I hated the environment. BfA feels too close to exploring Northrend, Draenor or Pandaria – so cozy and nice. The ambience is overwhelming, I’ll be happy to spend there my next two years.

So far, sooooo good!

4 thoughts on “Leveling: Slow & Steady

  1. I’m focusing on my horde warlock for now, exploring everything. Finished Zuldazar yesterday and I’m still there doing a huge bunch of side quests (The Tortollan have a corner called “Little Tortolla” 😍). Really fantastic zone, reminded me of my travels in South America, specially in Peru.

    What are your levelling plans regarding the War Campaign? Do it at 120, do it while levelling?

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    • During leveling whichever quests are possible. It is gated now: for example, I can go open the third Horde zone and establish a base there only at 116. After Tiragarde, I will go there to get my third outpost.

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  2. I have already hit max level and I havent even finished the zones chapters. I did finally set up the last outpost in Vol’dun. I have to agree, as much as I loved legion I believe the environments of BFA are more enjoyable to explore and be in.

    I’ve only done 4 dungeons so far, and I do like the themes of them! Freehold is a pirate town, Waycrest Manor is this big haunted house feel, Shrine of the Storm is a good cultist like vibe, and Tol Dagor is a good old fashioned prison break. However, as much as I like their themes, 3 of them have a bit too much trash in my opinion.

    Ive hit max and I feel like there is still so much to do. So much to see. I am glad it will be the weekend for me soon. I find myself daydreaming of getting back to the game, back to Boralus

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  3. Oh I have to agree. I did love a lot about Legion but the zones never really had me wanting to spend endless hours roaming and exploring.

    The new zones in BfA just draw you in and continually invite you to explore everything. The music and tone set for every area, even sub areas, within each zone completely immerses you in the moment.


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