Gearing Up: Charts


Basically this. Legend:

  • Blank space – no transmog, the item is less than 210.
  • Black “+” – the item is 210 or up, but requires a transmog.
  • Green “+” – Darkshore transmog done, the item is either Darkshore 210 or higher ilvl.
  • Spec name – the weapon transmog is acquired AND could be equipped for the fray (for example, the Rogue has twin daggers for Assassination and Subtlety, but lacks one sword to equip for Outlaw. Helu has intellect staff for Restoration and Balance, but lacks agility staff for Guardian and Feral. Micromantica, Aurinko and Faerella have staves that fit all their specs – etc.).

Otherwise than that, I’m not actually doing anything :) I’m parked at Darkshore, and I’m too lazy to teleport for the mission table or even run a nearby Firelands raid for the last remaining Cataclysm pet.

World quests somehow progress in lore. In weekend we’ve got the northern Darkshore camps to defend and attack. On Monday (today) there is a brand new world quest where the goblins try to blow up elven fleet with azerite powder. I hope we will get some escalation and progress with new quests after we complete the second part this Tuesday/Wednesday. Basically the Darkshore will belong to the Horde in full.

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