Darkshore World Quests: Quick Thoughts

World Quest Routines

  • Broken Shore quests appeared to be an excellent morning coffee routine;
  • Log in for 15 minutes, check the rewards, do the quests for one toon or more, log out;
  • This is fun and exciting pre-patch routine – more fun than Legion invasions in the latter pre-patch;
  • The war events are slowly growing in with me, I’m not that frustrated about attacking elves anymore.

World Quest Drops

  • Confirmed: world quests drop character creation/boost sets.
  • If you were hunting for the appearances from Salvage Yard in Draenor, you may probably have them all. Otherwise, it’s a perfect chance to get those transmogs.
  • World quests drop only transmoggable stuff – armor and weapons – as far as it goes.
  • Not confirmed: I haven’t seen a single ring, trinket or cape in the reward list. Please leave a comment if you did.
  • Necks can be excluded from the equation: once you arrive in Boralus/Zuldazar, you will immediately get the artifact necklace from Magni. So it’s pretty useless even if it were in loot now.

More Class Trials in the Field

Fury Warrior – awesome.

Frost Mage – don’t forget your intellect buff and frost shield. We’re good.

Enhancement Shaman – slow (it’s good), thoughtful, powerful, awesome.

Holy Priest – quite capable in the field, questing and world questing doesn’t feel slow or awkward. Don’t forget your old-new stamina buff (not that we need it with our self-heals anyways).

Marksmanship Hunter – amazing! A carefully aimed arrow may one-shot an enemy. We’re real snipers as we are. Pets – go away.

Windwalker Monk – haste, haste and haste. Waiting for energy is pain, we’re quick monks, not stone golems.

Subtlety Rogue – exactly as awesome as it was in Legion.

This is the end of my report, and I’m off for my weekend :)

P.S. Some unrelated IRL trivia. In Russia, plantain goose-grass is a common plant in the nature and in the city yards. Kid legends say that plantain disinfects and heals minor sores and flesh wounds, so we all applied the leaf to our arm and leg scratches in childhood.

It was a wrong way to do it :) While plantain certainly has all those properties and is your natural remedy when you have no artificial disinfectants in the nature, it first must be chewed or grinded to bring out its juices, then the mass must be applied to the sore/wound.

Anyways, it’s a never-dying meme in Russian internet when a plantain leaf is photoshopped to anything that requires healing: politics, laws, broken cars, roads or houses, malfuntioning PCs, everything. When announced maintenance hours were an hour overdue, and Blizz tweets said that its end is uncertain, I’ve posted a pic of the leaf applied to WoW. And you know what? One minute after – yes, one minute after – the servers went online :) It worked exactly like in kids’ legends :)


I had lots of fun :)

4 thoughts on “Darkshore World Quests: Quick Thoughts

  1. Hah, classical.

    Aha, so, the one armor piece we will not be trading for something else in BfA is the necklace?


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