War of Thorns: Alliance Questline & Alt Management

Alors, the Alliance questline is complete as well. It surely gives us the perspective of the other camp, but the Horde story is much more educational about the war events. The most important and the new thing was that Night Elf fleet from Silithus has already arrived (wow, that was fast). Generally Alliance questline seems poorer in events.

I’m impressed how all the community feels the same way about lore. Be it Alliance or Horde players, they are all writing about how wrong the whole affair is. And I’m not talking of those who advocated peace in the first place. Even those who were accepting the war affair as a nice plot development (like myself), they all feel that this is all wrong. There are even comments on the Horde side like: “the only thing that holds me from rerolling into Alliance now is my raiding group”.

Now tell me how Blizzard hates your alts, and we will have a good laugh. As soon as the storyline is complete on one toon of a faction, the whole questline can be skipped on faction alts. Once Micromantica finished the Alliance quests, the following Aurinko just talked to Anduin, and there is an option which immediately teleports you to Teldrassil haven, with all quests done and an access to world quests.

The same with the Horde of course: once Gorhaug experienced the storyline, Schlitzchen was given an option to skip the Horde quests. I didn’t test where you are teleported, as I opted for repeating the questline, but I presume it will be the former furbolg village – now Horde camp – in southern Darkshore.

As in Legion pre-patch, I’ve made a chart of gear improvements for alts that I can get. Gear of 210 or up is marked as “+”, and in the coming weeks I’ll be merrily filling the chart to while the time away.


The world quests in Darkshore are fine and quick to do. 15 minutes per alt – if you need to do all four. It is amazing how Micromantica got her new staff… and artifact weapon was dismissed! I still transmog to Ebonchill though, but it’s awesome that I can put all the artifacts in bank, and use one and the same stick for either Frost, Fire, or Arcane if I wish so.

Completing the world quests is also a toon power test. The mobs are surely stronger than the ones in Broken Isles, so it’s the finest option to test and get used to rotations. Frost Mage is so squishy, but once you get used to applying shields and intellect buffs, it’s no trouble.

I absolutely love the new Enhancement shaman. It is now slow, thoughtful, powerful spec. And the most important thing – it is not a paper doll anymore! In Legion, 3 mobs attacking at the same time left you with 30% of health. In BfA, it is not an issue – I can withstand the attacks, and chainmail feels like chainmail, not cloth. Definitely my questing and leveling choice, although I may go elemental for raids.

I am skipping all the questlines with the rest of my alts, and jump into the fray of gearing up. Although the next week’s part may be replayed and replayed – the grand tree burning is epic, and epic is never enough.

Having fun so far… and hoping this expansion will see the end of Sylvanas. All my toons do.

12 thoughts on “War of Thorns: Alliance Questline & Alt Management

  1. I’ve done the first 4 Darkshore world quests on my main. None of the items I’ve recieved (chest, legs, shoulders, 2-handed axe) added their appearance to the collection. I’m a bit sad, because Legion invasions ain Legion prepatches did award a whole sets.

    As for Sylvannas, that girl really needs to retire before she goes full psychotic a-la Garrosh. Especially since Horde now has a real leaderly leader who cares for her people (Thalyssra).

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    • My mage gets the set from character creation screen – a distinctive robe and a staff are exactly those. Maybe also true for other classes, I haven’t tested rewards for most of them yet. It’s a sort of “back to the roots” thing, which is dominating the coming expansion :)

      I think the Horde’s leader should be an orc, period. I could live with Vol’jin or Baine who know a thing or two about brutal honor, but it’s just a compromise. Likewise the Alliance high king must be a human by all means.

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      • The gear that we get for these daylies is the same that dropped from salvage crates in WoD and it matches creation screen sets of each class (not sure about demon hunters though). Considering that the drop rate from the crates was (and still is) pretty low it is nice that now everyone can get the missing pieces of those sets with ease.
        I would prefer that they add those sets to the “Sets” tab in the Colections, as they did with the Darkmoon Fair ones, though.

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      • I seem to have all of pieces, haven’t spotted the un-learned ones yet. But I recall I was hunting for the appearances in WoD, my salvage yard was one of the busiest buildings in my Garrison :)

        We shall see about demon hunter – I’m going to Broken Shore with her today.


  2. I replaced my artifact weapon with a staff from a daily. Felt a little strange actually haha. Its too bad none of the world quest rewards are new models for tmogging but oh well, the rest of this prepatch has felt pretty light as well.

    My biggest gripe is tmogging my weapon. I’m glad they let us tmog our artifact onto any weapon type. For example my skull and dagger for Demonology onto the staff from darkshore world quest. But I cant tmog the dagger to something else, if I want the skull I have to have the dagger, which is a shame as I always tmogged that to something else throughout legion. Another gripe is that we can’t tmog any artifact that isn’t your current specialisation. So my destruction staff or affliction staff are locked away if I wanted to tmog my world quest staff into them. If I really wanted them, my only option is to switch specs for the appearance to be available.

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    • Spec binds are only logical, it would have been strange to wield a Doomhammer for Restoration shaman, or a fire blade for a Frost Mage :)

      Blizzard already did a huge thing of allowing different type of weapon for artifact weapons: think healer paladins who can wield a one-hand and a shield transmogging them to their artifact hammer, or Ferals which can tmog staves into a daggers pair.

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      • I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. Tmogging is one thing that should be more about player choice than restrictions. If I wanted to weild the scepter of sargeras as a Demonology warlock, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to.

        But you are right, at least they allowed the different weapon type tmog for current spec artifact weapons. Or else I wouldnt be able to have an artifact weapon appearance at all.

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      • As you say, for some of them it’s really a sort of po-tay-to, po-tah-to – say, Demon Hunters have warglaives for both specs, or warlocks don’t really care whether it’s a knife or a staff.

        Yet for some of classes it’s impossible or works one way. Frost Mages could carry Arcane’s Aluneth, but it would be silly if Arcanes got an icicle tmog option in return. Shaman are dual-wielding in Enhancement and require a shield as casters. It’s just gonna be unfair :) I’m accepting that, alhough smashing some boss face in with a Silver Hand would be precious :)

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    • Ah, the salvage crates!.. That explains a lot. I should check WQs my leather chars then, as they did not have the Garrison.


  3. I am relieved to hear that the appearance of the Darkshore WQ items is just the same as the new character selection screen sets — I’m glad that I won’t have to go crazy trying to collect unique appearances like I did for the Patch 7.0 Legion Invasion sets.

    I’m also glad to hear that doing the questline once unlocks the ability to skip to the end for alts — though without gear *appearances* as an incentive, I’m not sure how much more likely I’ll actually be to do this stuff with more than one character per faction.


    • Invasions were not that bad in grind. Only 4 sets (for every armor type). I was even disappointed – class armors would have been awesome, especially in the wake of order halls :)

      Questlines really seem a bit tedious on repeat, especially the Horde part which involves too much flying around instead of action (Undercity->Orgrimmar->Barrens->three circles in Ashenvale->Darkshore).


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