Pre-Patch 8.0. – Content Schedule

Here’s some important pre-patch schedule information:

July 17/18 – Week 1

Class changes, talent changes, interface changes, model updates, artifact downgrade – everything but lore. This is the week when we get adjusted to our new gameplay and see whichever achievement, visuals and interface changes are in sleeve.

July 24/25 – Week 2

War of Thorns – Part 1. This is the plot event, dedicated to Ashenvale and Darkshore questline. We see the first step of the Horde offensive in night elven lands and get an access to world quests with gear, gold and whatever other rewards.

July 31/August 1 – Week 3

War of Thorns – Part 2. This is the sequel of the plot event, that will end up with burning of Teldrassil, a presumably stunning and epic cinematic and acquiring the pair of event mounts (Undercity bat for the Horde and Teldrassil dark hippogriff for the Alliance).

August 7/8 – Week 4

The Siege of Lordaeron. Those of us who purchased Battle for Azeroth expansion will get access to the Siege of Lordaeron scenario.

August 14 – Expansion Release


7 thoughts on “Pre-Patch 8.0. – Content Schedule

  1. I didnt know the siege scenario wasnt available until we purchased it. That’s a shame as I’ll have to wait a week or so to do it then. Wish they didn’t do it that way! Oh well, I’m looking forward to trying out the class changes to my favorite, warlocks.

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    • It’s basically a week gap between expansion launch, so if you plan to play it, I guess you should purchase it anyways :)

      Personally I thought that it will be a part of launch. Yet again, Legion Varian’s death scenario was a week or two prior to the launch as well.

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      • I’m a bit stubborn here. I mostly never preorder any games because I dislike the practice. I’ve preordered many games before where it came out and felt unfinished or was a buggy mess. So I made a promise to myself to never do it.

        With Blizzard it is different, I know the game I will almost definitely play. I like to collect the boxes, not collector edition, just the regular old physical game boxes. And I would have purchased bfa already but they dont send the box and code to upgrade your account until the launch day. So I just wait to buy it until I get home from work.

        In the end I’ll only be waitong a week for the scenario and unless they make some kind of toy/pet/collectible obly available before launch then it won’t bother me too much.

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    • What warlock spec are you playing? I’ve always been a fan of Affliction, yet they keep the Legion scheme of multiple Unstable Afflictions, which I don’t like. I’m intrigued to check it nevertheless. Destruction is my other viable choice.

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      • I used to always play destruction. I loved it in warlords. But the chsnges to legion really left a bad taste in my mouth. So I switched to Demonology because I’ve always liked the minion master archetype. But legions version of that soec wasnt the most satisfying to play, and I did not like affliction either. So I was kind of not imoressed with all 3 specs haha.

        I looked at the changes coming and Demonology appears to be so much better. They removed life tap, so mana issues shouldnt be a thing anymore too, that annoyed me a lot too. Going forward I plan to continue as a Demonology warlock, I will playtest all 3 specs in prepatch but my initial impression from reading has me leaning on Demonology.

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