Icecrown Farming Misadventures

I had some time until pre-patch this week. No Army of Light emissary for 7 days I believe, pristine archaeology demon part is done, and I’m waiting for the next batch of digging (elves or highmountain) to proceed.

Today’s Tuesday, and our EU maintenance is tomorrow – that means that I will see pre-patch events on Wednesday evening after work, as usual. This all left me with an idea to farm some stuff.

I’ve decided to run Icecrown for the last Icecrown pet (ghoul) and the mount Undroppable, followed by Throne of Four Winds for both pets and a dragon chance. Remaining transmogs on the way if they drop. With all of my toons – that is, seventeen 110s.

Gods of random were generous enough to grant me both genie pets. I was not surprised not to get either a horse or a wind dragon, people farm this for ages. I’ve covered several full sets on the way too – paladin, shaman, druid and hunter.

On my trip with Paitsu the Monk before visiting Sindragosa (the one before last boss) I’ve discovered that she’s going in 25 normal, rather than others’ heroic mode. That unveiled the mystery why I were getting so many weapon transmogs that I didn’t have yet. I’ve decided to scroll through the loot tables… yes, the required ghoul pet appeared to be 25 normal only drop.

I wouldn’t say that the previous runs with 16 of my toons were in vain – transmogs and mount tries were definitely worth it. Yet, they did not have a chance to cover the ghoul towards the pet collection achievement :)

Take care.

P.S. Yesterday also I did bank and bags cleaning on my alts. I crafted all the Legion transmogs I lacked, and cleared the space from all the Legion stuff and mats which basically looks too outdated these days.

I’ve kept legendaries in the bank, but frankly I don’t have any feelings for them. Once they could be sold, they will be sold without remorse.

My bags throughout alts now look like this (Anibell the Paladin’s example):


Could be even cleaner: Blood of Sargeras should be exchanged for order hall resources, and for whatever reason the steel bricks should be vendored as well, they don’t belong.

It’s funny how she kept Draenor strength potions throughout Legion :) I believe she had 20, but she still has 4 left. It’s still a nice buff, shall not delete them, but use while leveling or other activities.

4 thoughts on “Icecrown Farming Misadventures

  1. You could also use the Goblin Army Knife to get mining pick and blacksmith hammer condensed into one item which also grants +10 to mining.

    Truesteel bars should not be vendored. Draenor ilvl630 blacksmithing weapons and shields still go for 1000+ gold on populated servers. Most popular are 2-handed axe and saber.

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