Pre-Patch 8.0. Bucket List

When you think of it, this is really, really wild. Not later than tomorrow we will see some significant changes to our game and know that BfA is practically here. At least the gameplay will take form as of the coming expansion.

Let’s see what we must do in the last minutes of Legion and what we will have to do in the first day of pre-patch.


The most notable change for me will be seen right upon the login after pre-patch drops.

I’m not using any addons at all, so I will immediately see the new interface. Basic UI will have all the system (character, talents, lfg, shop etc.) and bags buttons removed to the right corner ghetto, and the right side of current panels will be action buttons instead.

The overall idea is making the game panels more compact and convenient to use, that I will greet of course. Some time will be devoted to juggling my action buttons on all toons and all specs!

Thing to do: juggle action buttons in the new panels.


Next, artifact buffs/talents gone/reworked, squishes, talent changes, GCD for power buffs.

Our fighting routines and rotations will look rather different from now on – I think I may participate in pre-patch events with every class to get the idea and check what I will have to deal with in the coming expansion. I want to check warlocks especially, Faerella will get a major overhaul in her Affliction.

Thing to do: pick the new talents and get used to the new rotations with every class and spec played.

PvP/PvE Mode

All servers will be PvP and PvE both from now on. I will have to check in Orgrimmar/Stormwind with every toon to switch off PvP mode if it’s not going to be PvE by default. I don’t want any surprises later :)

Thing to do: check the PvP/PvE mode on every toon. 

Lore and Questing

We will get the Teldrassil burning questline. Obviously we want to complete it to get the pre-patch only mounts. After the storyline, we will have an access to world quests with gear, gold and resources awards.

Thing to do: see the storyline, get the mount and check the gear rewards to see if they are new models for transmog and/or an upgrade considering ilvl. 

Check Out the Appearance Improvements

  • See updated bear and cat druid forms (bears are no longer hunchback asses, cat run animation updated);
  • Obtain a demon hunter class tabard;
  • Check out the new faces of blood/void elves, golden eyes of blood elves, straight posture of male orcs on character creation screen;
  • Check out the possibility to change skin color in barber shop and see if any of my toons need it (Schlitzchen the Goblin surely does, a lighter skin tone);
  • Check out the new weapon posture of hunters;
  • Druids can now apply multiple looks to their forms: I need a glyph of stars for my moonkin form and a glyph of orca for my seaform on both druids.

Thing to do: go and see all these things :)

Things To Do Before Pre-Patch

  • Send out and collect the last gold missions from mission table;
  • Spend all the pet charms – I don’t have many, but yet the carriage will turn into pumpkin;
  • Wave goodbye to Mage Tower – not that I were a fan.

So, here’s my bucket list :) What’s yours?



5 thoughts on “Pre-Patch 8.0. Bucket List

  1. No more gold mission already on pre-patch? Man, I thought we would have until the expansion to keep the nice gold farming :(

    Well, life goes on then…

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  2. Nice little list you have here.

    I plan to send out and finish any gold missions as well. I’ve been stockpiling pet battle tokens slowly over the expansion, since those are being changed I will spend them all. I finished doing mage tower for what I wanted, so I said my goodbyes to that place already haha.

    Prepatch I will definitely test out the changes to classes, mostly warlock as I barely touch the other classes. I want to see all the new spell animations for us. I plan to do the scenario on both alliance and horde sides and obtain any special mounts/toys/pets/tmogs I can find.

    Since this prepatch doesnt appear to contain a way to level alts like the legion invasion prepatch, I believe I will spend a lot of the prepatch farming old raids and raising my farm up to max friendship. I only need the blazing drake from deathwing and I’ll have the awake the drakes achievement done!

    That’s my plan for now

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  3. Nice list!

    I want to fly over to Goldshire and see no one dueling, that should feel odd.

    My pet charm conversions are before this patch, so I’m doing that today. Our Battle Pets should see some nerfs, Unborn Valk and the Haunt for example. I’d really like to read the patch notes!

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  4. I didn’t know Demon Hunter class have a tabard, i’ll check that, thanks.

    My list is simple, i already cleaned bags and questlogs, so i’m waiting for the patch, i want to check the Legacy Mode for old raids and dungeons, more loot drops for transmog hunters, Legion made this tedious, some bosses don’t drop anything but gold, so i’m back to probably my favorite thing to do in the game: farming old dungeons and raids.

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