Trivia: Grinds, Leveling and Beta Invite!

Lots of stuff is happening simultaneoulsly now.

First of all, one of my grind goals is complete: Faari the Dwarf Mage is the first and only toon to get 75 artifact traits and get her achievement:


This is the last thing I do with artifacts this expansion. Frankly, it was not even a grind. AP went naturally, and she was just stationed in order hall, completing AP quests in one click daily (mage halls can do that).

Sceond, my persistence did pay off to an extent: I’ve got the Farondis paragon hippogriff!


As you can see, it’s Aurinko again, who is the only toon to get paragon mounts… Valar’jar dragon and Highmountain moose (x3) dropped to her as well. So may be I just stop bothering with other toons lol? :) No way, now that I’m free from Azsuna, I have 4 toons assigned per remaining emissaries: Army of Light, Suramar and Val’sharah. Four mounts to go *sigh*

Actually I’m very happy to get rid of Azsuna. This is the most hated location in Legion for me – these ghost freaks of Farondis, this disgusting music – everything.

Third, I’m two more fishermen reputation towards the achievement. I need the ones from Azsuna and Val’sharah now, and I’ll be done with the grind!

Fourth, it’s alt leveling. Guess what? Myde has got the achivement!



My void girl is currently 834, ready for initiate raid runs and leveling her gear. Yet I think I’m driving the three remaining Allied toons to 110 first.

She didn’t even complete Highmountain – Legion assaults are a great help leveling. Frankly I don’t feel obliged to play any of the questlines in Legion including Argus. I need my allied toons at ~915, and that will be it.

Fifth, I’ve got my first ever beta invitation from Blizzard!


I’m not sure if I actually want to be a beta-tester, but it is worth trying – for the sake of trying new things in life. We shall see how it rolls.

Frankly I prefer dealing with a ready product upon release, but it will be interesting to check and provide some error feedbacks if I find any. Yet I have so much to do in game apart from beta that I don’t know if I have any time for this :)


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