Battle for Azeroth Release Date

This just in: Battle for Azeroth will be released on August 14!


Pre-patch would likely be out a month before expansion, so prepare your checklists and get ready to grind them until July 14. Then we will have Teldrassil burning, Siege of Lordaeron and artifact power cancelled on our hands. Most probably well run repeatable quests to earn new faction mounts and probably transmog/toys.

I’d say it’s just in time. Covering Legion loose ends and rushing right into the fray.

And yes, For the Alliance!


5 thoughts on “Battle for Azeroth Release Date

  1. Enough time to try mage tower on my hunter at least, tried it before and i got so close, need just to use macros and be better, one thing i’m waiting in BFA is to go back to Legion dungeons and raids to solo, to slow down and look at them.

    Happy to see Blizzard making expansions faster.

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