Embracing Heirlooms

For the first time while leveling any new alts I’m seriously thinking of using heirlooms.

Previously I leveled all of my toons fair and square, mimicking the newbie experience. It also allowed me the joy of acquiring gear ups via quests and dungeons.

Yet I really need this extra XP boost today. My toons are literally stuck at 51-53 stage, forcing me to do extra questing while waiting for dungeon queues. With 3 of my alts being DPS, it’s either sitting idle for 15-20 minutes or doing quests nevertheless. I’m feeling that I’m obliged to complete much more zones than I actually intended to go.

And well… enough is enough. I know most of the questlines by heart, so it’s finally the same old song for me.

So, heirlooms and every XP boost I could find on my way to the top. By the way: is there anything I could add up beside Draenor potions?


11 thoughts on “Embracing Heirlooms

  1. Darkmoon Hats, if you bought them. Other buffs are strictly seasonal.

    However, you can also get XP by doing Archeology while waiting for queue (alternative to the questing, if you really cannot stand it).

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    • I’m not against questing, especially the normally skipped zones like Netherstorm, Blade’s Edge Mountains or Storm Peaks (which you never do because you could already go to next expansion content by the time). Archaeology is not an option, due to long travel times.

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  2. Heirlooms are the way to go. I guess if you are going to consider archeology, the other “stop, shoot me now” solution is pet battles — you can chain them in some zones.
    But, heirlooms will zip you along nicely.

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  3. Allied races? the goal is to reach 110 (for me at least) so i try to do it as fast as possible, heirlooms, dungeons, and Draenor bonus objectives.

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    • My goal as well, and dressing them in Antorus LFR to keep up with other toons by expansion launch :)

      Dungeons help a lot, but 3/4 toons being DPS, it’s a side dish to questing. Besides, the common dungeon routine today is: tank aggroes 3 packs – healer can do nothing – tank dies – all wipe – tank quits – group disbanded.

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