Zandalari Druid Forms

It’s just overwhelming.

You’ve probably seen the travel forms before:

Flying Zandalari Druid Form


Ground Zandalari Druid Form


Now just get ready to be knocked from your feet.

Moonkin Zandalari


Bear Zandalari


The only words I have for this is ‘Holy fuck!’

These are amazing. These are beyond amazing. You ever wanted to tank with a turtle – well here you go, and a badass one.

Too bad I already have two druids which I never want to abandon :) And I plan my Zandalari to be either a hunter or a warrior. But it’s such an awesome option for other players, and this would definitely drive troll character numbers to the top.

Cant’ wait to see the cat form… and I keep wondering if Blizzard would add more distinctive racial options for basic races. Because what I see with Zandalari it’s beyond imagination.


11 thoughts on “Zandalari Druid Forms

  1. This is so cool :D

    Do you think eventually other races will get more race specific forms as well? (The Worgen cat form becoming a wolf comes to mind)

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      • I had not thought of that, but it would be an amazing change.

        I’d like the Moonkin form to stay as it is with Night Elves and Tauren. But changed for the Darkspear and the Worgen (The Ravenbear model would be cool for the Worgen)

        The bear forms could use a little more tweaking, and the change we all need: That damn tree of life form needs a serious update xD

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      • I agree with Lord of Icecrown on keeping the Moonkin forms as they are for Night Elves and Tauren — the purple vs tan color difference and the antlers on Night Elves vs buffalo horns on Tauren are enough of a distinction between them — and giving Darkspear and Worgen more racially distinctive Moonkin forms.

        Though it would be nice to have a male/female distinction for cat form, I think it would take me awhile to get used to not having a magnificent mane anymore…
        A true female form for the deer should have the same decorative accessories as the current male stag form, though — the Glyph of the Doe appearance just looks like an ordinary deer, which is a bit disappointing.
        For travel form, though, I’d really rather be able to double-glyph it and have *both* Orca for swimming and Cheetah for running… At the moment, I’m using Orca because I can’t stand the seal and am only just meh about the stag.

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