BfA Pre-Order Character Boost Effectively… Wasted

This 110 token was tingling my eye ever since I bought the new expansion, and I had to do something with it.

I’m merrily leveling my Allied Races, and as I want the achievements/transmogs/ whatever awaits me at the end of proper leveling, I’m not allowed to ding any of them.

I had this pandaren warrior started and abandoned at 25, but as I foresee a pair of warriors coming in BfA (Arms Zandalari and Protection Dark Iron), there’s no actual need to do so.

What I did after one of the raid runs this week was lazy scrolling through race/class combinations and thinking of what I may try yet.

It appeared that I actually don’t. Really, all race/class combinations were tried and tested. If one of my classes stops resonating with me, it undergoes a race change, and currently I’m quite happy with my major roster. They are just excellent!

I thought of spending my boost for a demon hunter, to make a blood elf, but it felt like an utter waste, considering they actually start in Legion, and only a couple of days separates me from 110.

The curves of my brain finally led me to making an undead death knight, and with a reason. When I previously explored blood and unholy specs, they could not settle with either my draenei, gnome or human (that was my DK’s race story). It always seemed to me too disgusting, and not appealing to any race. Frost – I could always do with it. Bringing the dead of winter on the tip of your runeblade was always awesome, a frozen warrior. But spreading worms and plague? No.

With an undead, the other two specs felt just right in place. A walking corpse is justified both in festering Unholy and flesh-eating, blood-drinking Blood.

On a testing toon, I liked how she has this stooping evil stance and how she deals the blows, so it’s all just fine.

I need to work on transmog yet, but here she is, the bloody ghoul:


Funny enough, she’s not meant to wander anywhere. I may want to try and master the tanking thing when nothing else is left to do before the expansion, but just after she entered Dalaran and her Order Hall, she was put on a standby mode. Maybe I’d like to spread plague someday – then she’ll be ready.

With my alts, I’m now at the point when I need no more class/race combinations – even to try them. So the free character boost was wasted without remorse and without regret :)


5 thoughts on “BfA Pre-Order Character Boost Effectively… Wasted

  1. No, sadly not. I read that, at least. Since they have the “warning” about, if we are sure we want to do it etc., they do not revert it.

    But hey. Sometimes GMs can surprise. Someone asked them, if they could have a name change instead of the boost, and they were granted the name change and they got to keep the boost, too. But another GM stated, that one cannot expect that everytime, hah.

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  2. I love seeing other people doing this, matching each spec with a character’s race and story :)

    Blood DK is my favourite tanking spec so far, but I don’t tank raids so cannot speak about them in that particular case

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