Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge: Allied Races

Topic 32 from Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge is about Allied Races and poses a pair of questions:

  • Are you playing any of the new allied races?
  • If you could choose the next allied race, what would it be?

I’ve already covered my initiate allied experience, yet we can review where we are now, and also think about the next allied races.

Current Toons

I’m leveling all 4 races now, and keeping them up equally, as I’m not in a hurry to reach 110. Besides, if one toon would be in Pandaria, and the other still struggling with Stranglethorn, it would definitely feel like a step back. So I’m keeping them within the range of 5 levels or so, currently 41-45.

As I’m already having every class in my roster, I had to think around specs, so that all my toons felt different. And I managed to do so:


Jammu is a playful cat druid with a tanking off-spec. When she reaches 110, I will have two Tauren druids. Helu will keep sticking to Balance and Restoration, and Jammu will be a bestial Feral/Guardian.


Arkeona is my subtlety rogue. My main rogue Berringer is played with my most favorite, one and only assassination as a criminal and occasional SI:7 agent. Arkeona is more of a political killer, and she incorporates shadows to enhance her weaponry which walks hand in hand with race fantasy. Subtlety is my second favorite spec, so I’m enjoying it.


Kalaari is my holy paladin. My main paladin, human Anibell, feels so strong and in place wtih Protection, and I don’t see her as a Holy at all. Kalaari is my ‘dim’ toon, and she’s too soft for the real battles too. Healing works just fine for her, and I don’t see her as a protector or a vengeance girl.


Myde covers the third of mage specs. Faari is my Fire toon, and Micromantica, my main-main, has always been Frost. It’s awesome how their personalities are so different and race-fitting. An arcane-attuned, quick minded and harsh void elf, a young cheerful dwarf who knows all about the importance of Fire in the cold winters of Dun Morogh, and a passionate, adventurous gnome who is Jaina’s best pupil. Specs officially covered :)

For the new known races, Zandalari and Dark Irons, I have but an idea of who I want them to be.

Zandalari toon may opt for being a Survival Hunter with a raptor pet – it depends on what they do to the spec in BfA. If it’s still boring, the one and only option would be an Arms warrior. I already see it wielding a monstrous, troll (aztec) themed sword. Anyways, my Zandalari should be as brutal and bestial as possible. If I go with more meek version, it maybe a shaman, but my shaman Schlitzchen actually feels so perfect in all 3 specs, that I don’t see the need of replacement.

For Dark Irons, I could choose a protection warrior. A sturdy, powerful maiden would do well – and so all the warrior specs will be all covered. I can’t imagine anything but Fury for my current warrior, draenei Oulu – Arms and Protection seem clumsy with her.

Future Races

We already know about Mag’har orcs. I don’t see them as anything different – basically they are a brown recolor, and should be a baseline skin tone for normal orcs.

I’m strongly against Vulpera, the fox race. They could only be Horde, because Horde makes friends with them during questing. And they are using Goblin animation, which would be awful to have within one and the same faction.

Jinyu, Hozen, Saberon, Arakkoa, Saurok – god, no. I’m so much appalled with all of the zoo.

The Horde could enhance their Tauren relatives further, and get Taunka/Yaungol for their ranks – it looks so obvious. Alliance counterpart could be Tuskarr. The fisherman walrus race would be a great addition, and would also add up to the animal-face options for the Alliance – the same as Blood Elves were added for the Horde to add more normal, non-monstrous options.

The Horde’s natural addition would be ogres of course. They’ve been a part of the Horde since Warcraft II in mid 90s, and it’s still a wonder how they’re not there yet. Can’t think of their Alliance counterpart, but Kul Tiran monster hunters (the fat humans) may suffice.

Do We Need So Many Races?

Kamalia et Alia has written about a phenomena called Alt Fatigue – a thing too well known to me as an altoholic :)

Feeling overwhelmed with alts will happen to me – and not later than the next expansion drops on me. Legion limited me with 12 class options by its design, and I’ve deleted 5 toons prior to the expansion to make them 1 of every class. The roster grows though again. In BfA, I will have to decide which toons should be left behind – and if it happens to be, which would be deleted.

The new Allied Races being a fun new thing today, I’m leveling them with eager. But if we see  allied races added with every patch… I’m not looking forward to it.

From what I’ve mentioned in this post, I would certainly level a tuskarr and an ogre. All the others – not really interested. Not snake people, fish people, furries of all sorts or race recolors.


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