Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge: What is Your Favourite Mount, and Why?


Another theme for Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge is mounts :)

Let’s start with denial first. I will never, ever ride any bulky mount, which won’t fit many doors and/or feels clumsy and slow, even if the speed is the same.

This includes pandaren serpents, yeti, gronns, warframes, elekks, hippos, and every dragon available. Banned!

Now, to the ones that I like :)

Shared Mounts Among All Toons

My basic pair for every toon is of course this:


Water striders are a great utility, and even my druid uses them. I have both colors, azure blue and red, and I assign them according to the character vibe. For example, Oulu, being a fury warrior, will have color red, while Micromantica the Ice Mage’s choice is of course the blue one.


This baby. It was the best spent 120k gold coins during my whole history of playing WoW. It’s the first mount I put on my panel for a new toon.

It provides transmog on demand, as well as gear repairs and a vendor to sell trash items to. I can’t imagine myself nowadays running in not-fitting armor, so this yak comes to my call after every new item that I get.

Funny enough, this mount doesn’t actually ride anywhere. It’s summoned and then dismissed at the same spot :)

Flying Mounts

Most of my Alliance toons have a baseline ultimate mount, and these are Stormwind gryphons. I tend to choose the one with faction colors, blue and gold:


It has everything I ever want from a mount: the feeling of speed, awesome size fitting every door or even tent, nice looks, and the faction attunement.

Their Horde counterpart, wyverns, seem too ugly to me to ride. Luckily I don’t happen to use them. Both of my Druids use their flight forms (obviously), my Warlock Goblin rides her class mount, and my Shaman Goblin is also an Engineer, which is enhanced by her choice (built with her own hands):


This bombshell is just awesome, compact, swift and mobile, and fits well both to goblin and engineer.

The only class mount that is used airborne-only is Hunter’s mount for Baisa. I’m enjoying its looks, the feel of how it flies, its speed and size, and well, of course the piercing Gnome yell which is required to summon it :)


Ground Mounts

There’s a little more variety here, and I tend to play with class and race a lot.

All my Mages, Micromantica, Faari and Myde, drive their class mount – an awesome disc – both on ground and in the air:


It’s super mobile and has stunning animations which vary on the spec.

Both Paladins, Anibell and Kalaari, ride their class steed with blue/gold Alliance tints, on air and ground:


Faerella the Goblin Warlock also uses her class mount both to ride and fly. The tint of choice is the purple one, I can’t stand fel anymore, and I don’t want to sit on flames:


Two of my Gnomes, Aurinko the Priest and Baisa the Hunter, agreed that riding an Ironforge ram is just a hit of a season:


Paitsu, the Gnome monk, disagrees. As an adept of Pandaren culture and a professional weeaboo, she uses a goat which apparently can carry the whole kitchen plus brewery tied to its back. Which doesn’t mean it’s slow!


Backston and Berringer, the human girls, like horses. With a minor difference, as Backston is a Death Knight:

Finally, Melaris is my Demon Hunter. She openly scorns Illidan and all the sacrifice business. What she wants most of all is rebonding with the Night Elven people. So her steed of choice is sabertooth.


And this is it for tonight :)

4 thoughts on “Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge: What is Your Favourite Mount, and Why?

  1. “I will never, ever ride any bulky mount, which won’t fit many doors and/or feels clumsy and slow”, and suddenly… the yak. :-)

    By the way, a gnome/goblin on a bulky mount looks comical and “compensating” (in freudian sense), so it’s a way to go if you want roleplay this kind of thing.


    • My girls have nothing to compensate :) That’s why it’s friendly dwarven rams and a goat :)

      As I say, we don’t ride a yak :) It doesn’t make a single step! It’s more of a mall on demand than a mount xD


  2. Everyone gets the Traveler’s Tundra mammoth (I’m too cheap to pay for the other one). The Hearthsteed is a favorite, producing wings on command. My elves ride the fiery hippogriff from Cata, the dk prefers the headless horseman’s steed. For carting other players around, the X-53 rocket and vial of the sands.



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