The post will be a short one.

Holiday routine is half of toons trying for Love Rocket in the morning, and half in the evening.

Sharing my time between leveling and raiding. Normally it’s one toon going to Antorus daily, trying for the missing slots, and when done, I switch to Allied Races.

Still picking the one of four Allied toons that I feel like playing tonight. Strangely enough, all my toons keep up, ranging 2-4 levels from each other. I tend to finish a quest hub on one toon and then switch to another. This toon change provides diversity, change of scenery and avoiding burnout.

Leveling is very rewarding and quick: for example, Arkeona, my Subtlety Nightborne Rogue, is only halfway through Arathi, and she’s 32. By the time she’ll have two zones done (Hillsbrad and Arathi), she’ll be 35 or up – quite a result.

Don’t ignore dungeons while leveling – at least a single run of each dungeon available would benefit you with decent experience from dungeon quests, as well as powerful XP contribution for killing trash and bosses.

I’m not a fan of datamined Zandalari, they’re kinda ugly (I’m rolling one by all means).

Datamined Dark Iron girls are just gorgeous though. Can’t wait to unlock them (click to enlarge):


Most probably she’s gonna be a protection or arms warrior, although I’ll know for sure when I’m at the character creation screen :)

Have a nice week!


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