Legion Expansion: Game Over


This weekend was marked by a significant achievement: collecting my first full Antorus set. It’s a warlock one, and it’s ugly as fuck:


Nevertheless, this achievement is my milestone considering Legion, and it means that the expansion is a PAST thing now. This mogging achievement is an equivalent of a single player game credits and GAME OVER after that. For some it may be completing Heroic last raid. Well, this is my expansion milestone: because this very toon is free from every expansion activity from now on.

Of course I have plenty to do yet. There are eleven classes mogging sets to collect – so it’s much more Antorus with me, some of my toons didn’t even kill Argus yet. There are grinding achievements to complete (like kill 5k demons, collect 20k eyes, complete 10k world quests). And don’t even get me started with Archaeology and Fishing which should obviously need to be done during this expansion. Plus, a ghost chance of acquiring faction mounts from paragon chests.

And yet, I’m looking forward to Battle for Azeroth now.

The upcoming Q&A which happens on Monday rather than Thursday will most likely indicate the announcement of pre-order and Allied Races. And obviously, leveling will be heavily incorporated into my schedule from now on – as the thing to do in the mornings or a spare hour in the evenings after my raiding for the day on a certain toon is done. Activities are gonna be diverse from now on.

My top priority for leveling will be my new pandaren warrior & void elf arcane mage, followed by the rest allied races. This is what I normally do during expansion lulls – leveling the new toons, but for the first time for me this is justified with the new options.

Current mood: anticipation.


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