Altoholism Has No Cure

…and yet again :)

I guess I just like leveling process, moreover it is so cool today.


Long story short, I’ve rolled a Pandaren Warrior girl for fun, and suddenly discovered that their animation for a signatory Arms strike and the overall stances-blows routine is so NINJA that I cried of happiness. I immediately craved to make her a samurai warrior, with a polearm!

She’s in Azshara now, 16 and counting, Horde-aligned, and she won’t stop!

Which made me revisit my plans about Allied Races and what I’m gonna do about them in new empty slots.

Most probably, I will transfer this pandaren warrior, the new dwarf mage and maybe someone else to the main realm after new slots become available. This leaves no slots for some of the new races. And frankly, I’m not eager to have some of them to play except for achievement.

  • I’m reluctant to play Lightforged Draenei. They seem hollow. Most probably, it will be either a priestess or a healing paladin at back-up realm.
  • I’m not a fan of Zandalari trolls – I need to see them in action first. Most probably, it will be a replacement for a troll shaman at my back-up realm.
  • I’m not a fan of Nightborne. Most probably it will be a blade dancer (outlaw) rogue at back-up realm.

So, my slots at the main realm will be:

  • Dark Iron Dwarf girl – most probably, a tank warrior.
  • Highmountain Tauren male/female – most probably, a cat/bear druid.
  • Void Elf male/female – definitely an arcane mage.
  • Transferred fresh 110, Antorus-running Dwarf fire mage girl.
  • Transferred fresh Pandaren, Arms Samurai Warrior
  • Free slot!

Times change :) Altoholism does not.




2 thoughts on “Altoholism Has No Cure

  1. In 30th of this month Blizzard may announce pre-order for BfA, and with that 4 new slots and 4 new races, but this is just a guess, we will see soon.

    Starting a new character is always fun, i understand :-)

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