Tanking the Third Wing


Paitsu the Monk tanked the whole batch of Antorus wing on weekend, 2nd and 3rd being her first experience.

And it’s been superb :)

Varimathras – didn’t even bother, like with every role.

Kin’garoth – I’ve died most ridiculously, with a new movement monk talent propelling me over the platform edge. Apart from that, no trouble.

Coven – we killed it with our first pull! It’s been the first time I did that. Cherry on top, the second tank whispered me before Kin’garoth that he was tanking the wing for the first time too. We performed the swaps elegantly and with ease, as well as movement.

During the second wing, we wiped only once – and due to poor coordination at Hasabel. I was there for the first platform add, I tanked it, I died because there were no healers. On our second pull it was executed with no trouble.

I wonder if I have ilvld up since my first run with my monk, or healers did, but it really was not that hard today. Bosses still hit very hard, but quite bearable. And I didn’t even sneeze at the first wing, too easy to notice.


2 thoughts on “Tanking the Third Wing

  1. Aw yeah, that kind of coordination and working together as tanks. It sounds really appealing. I have begun wondering if I should give tanking a go and level an alt in BfA. Hm.


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